White-Chucks-2My latest obsession is with the great and almighty Chucks. I just LOVE my Converse and cannot get enough of them. I love seeing people wearing them out on the streets, just so I can get new ideas, although thinking about it, Converse do go with pretty much anything, right?  I mean, there are women out there who wear them with their wedding gowns. Which is a pretty awesome idea!

Did you know that Converse has been in existence since 1908? Cool, huh? The classic Converse All Star is one of the few classic pumps / sneakers (whatever you want to call them) that anyone can wear, at any age. You’ll see young kids wearing them alongside their parents who probably have several pairs in their wardrobe too and I love that.

I have five pairs, one of which (the pale pink ones) I’ve had for years. My newest addition is my gorgeous white leather pair which I adore because they literally do go with anything, regardless of the colour. I particularly love wearing them with ripped boyfriend jeans and either a fun tee or a pretty blouse.

Black-ChucksAlthough I generally tend to wear my Chucks with skinny jeans or a denim skirt, I’d love to team them with a cutesy dress, unfortunately I don’t have the right cutesy dress to do it! Okay so I admit I do have a couple of girly ‘tea-dresses’ in the wardrobe but they’re a little on the snug side – something I’m working on at the moment. But in the meantime, now that the weather is slowly starting to cool down, I’m looking forward to wearing them with my autumn / winter wardrobe.

I do have my eye on another pair that I’ve seen online – the trouble is, I can’t seem to find them in-store anywhere (or for sale online, for that matter). They’re gorgeous low-tops (if that’s the right term), black and gold (one of my favourite colour combinations) and I’d love to get my hands on a pair. They’re like dressy going out shoes… how cool is that?

Purple-Chucks-detailThis purple pair (above) is my rock chick pair and they’ve been through some pretty rough weather. I was wearing them earlier this year at Universal Studios when the place literally flooded with heavy rain. I’ve never seen anything like it. Michael and I were drenched from head to toe – having to wade through ankle deep water just to get out of the park and back to the hotel (it was a bummer because we’d planned to stay later that night). But look at them, they’re as good as new!

Grey-ChucksAre you obsessed with Chucks? How do you wear yours?