boyfriend jeansThe arrival of cooler temperatures means jeans are back on the wardrobe menu at last! I’m always excited at this time of year, when the summer has come to an end and the promise of cold days hovers in the air.

Algarve climate

Not that we ever get really cold days here in the Algarve. January and February can see temperatures plummet to a cool -3C (ish) on the very odd occasion – but that’s usually at night time or at dawn. Day time temperatures are always significantly warmer than that. But, as I’ve lived here most of my life, they’re pretty cold to me lol. We do, however, love travelling to colder destinations when most people are scrambling to get more heat.

Winter holiday


We’re currently deciding where to go on our next winter holiday. We were thinking about Japan but have decided to postpone that trip for another time. Michael desperately wants to visit our all-time favourite destination once again: Banff, Alberta, Canada. (The photo (above) was taken not too far from Banff back in 2009.) Me too, but I’d also like to take in something new as well. So the ideas continue to bubble in our minds.

Evening TV

So in the meantime, we are enjoying life here, where days are still hot but the nights are an absolute delight. I love snuggling under a throw whilst watching TV in the evenings (although, it hasn’t quite got cold enough for a throw yet but I reckon another week or two and I’ll be doing just that, while wearing a pair of my favourite soft fluffy socks!).

Speaking of TV, we are currently binge-watching The Good Wife and loving it. Before that, we watched Downton Abbey (we miss it so much already!) and Outlander (OMG that horrendous rape scene was SO disturbing). I’ve tried to get into Breaking Bad but it’s so not my cup of tea – I just don’t get it. Michael, on the other hand, loves it. So he watches it whenever I have an early night! And if he goes out motorbiking, I will binge-watch all my other favourite shows (yes, I’m a bit of a TV-aholic 😉 ) like Elementary, Once Upon a Time, Midnight Texas (I’m loving this new show!), NCIS, and so on.

Boyfriend jeans

But back to the cooler days. I’m delighted that this also means that my jeans are back on the wardrobe menu… I hate it when the weather is too hot to wear my jeans lol. Last week, to go out for a bite to eat, I got out my trusty boyfriend jeans from H&M and teamed them with this super cute ruffled black top that I found on the Primark sale rack for just a couple of euros. Both went perfectly well with my favourite pair of ‘clogs’ (that I continue to go on and on about coz I love ’em so much). A simple and comfortable outfit, but also one which gave me a certain amount of confidence – and clothes should boost your confidence, right?

I love the softness of the sleeves and the ruffle across the bust, as well as the fact that it’s loose fitting so I could quite easily pig out at dinner and no-one would know 😉



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12 thoughts on “Cooler temperatures = jeans are back on the wardrobe menu YAY!

  1. Living on Cloud Nine

    Oh my friend, the past several days have been in the 90°F. I am so ready to pull out my jeans again. You look spectacular!. I love a sweet black top with a pair of jeans! Have a splendid week.

    1. Suzy Turner
    1. Suzy Turner
  2. Alternative Ageing

    Lovely post Suzy. It’s ridiculously mild here for the UK. Sure it won’t last but it is a perfect end to summer. Absolutely adore your boyfriend jeans. Suzi x

    1. Suzy Turner
  3. Alternative Ageing

    Oh, and tell your husband, I binged watched Breaking Bad, loved it. Could have done with one series less but the cinematography, direction, acting……wonderful! Must get into the Good Wife. xx

    1. Suzy Turner
    1. Suzy Turner
  4. vanity And Me

    Once Upon A Time is my partners favourite! I haven’t watched The Good Wife but I’m tempted. The only thing when I start watching a series it’s like oh, just one more! I never get anything done! Glad you enjoyed Downton. xx

    1. Suzy Turner
      Suzy Turner

      LOL Laurie, I’m the same! I’ll sit and watch an episode whilst having breakfast, then another at lunchtime and then after dinner… we’ll sit and watch three or four! We’re terrible LOL!!
      I really recommend The Good Wife. It’s brilliant!
      Suzy xx

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