I’ve wanted a pair of leather-look leggings for months but never found the right ones, so when I got the chance to try out this gorgeous pair* from UK Tights, I jumped at the chance.

After liaising with UK Tights and deciding to try a larger pair (I was told this particular brand can come up a tad small sometimes), I waited for them to arrive in the post. I didn’t have to wait long. Sadly, the leggings were took baggy around the legs so I sent them back and opted for a smaller size. Again, the company was super efficient and very friendly – sending the next size down to an address in the UK (as I was heading there for 5 weeks it made more sense).
I tried them on as soon as I arrived in England and found the leggings to fit perfectly around the bum and thighs (actually, they’re really flattering around that area!), but a little loose around the calves and ankles. But not to worry, I figured they didn’t look too bad. Unfortunately though, I neglected to take anything appropriate with me to wear with them. So while in the UK, I kept looking for the right top – it had to be warm, mind you – I am used to milder Portuguese weather, after all!

Then I received an email from my much loved Massimo Dutti about their January sale (WOOP WOOP!). Half an hour later, I’d ordered this gorgeous, super warm wool cardigan / jacket which I just knew would look perfect with my brand new leather-look leggings. I wasn’t wrong… they’re a perfect combination, right? Hubby thinks my cardie looks a little like a dressing gown though, but I don’t care. I love it! Oooh, almost forgot to mention, I also bought a new suede fringed handbag and my first pair of animal print moccasins from Massimo Dutti LOL!

So what should you wear with leather-look leggings? Ideally, you should keep the top long enough to cover the crotch area (so not a good look, especially when there’s a remote chance of that dreaded camel-toe appearance!). Leather-look leggings can look fab with a simple short dress, for example. Here, I opted for a simple Primark shift dress, not that you can see much of it though, as it’s covered by my new Massimo cardie.
A long thick woolly jumper also looks fab, teamed with a pair of ankle boots. Knee high boots are also an option, provided they’re not sky high stilettos!
Lumberjack, denim or kimono shirts look amazing too, either with a chunky boot, high heel or a simple ballerina shoe. Very cute. A long blouse / shirt and waistcoat is another option.
I reckon such leggings should be dressed down – avoid anything else figure hugging unless you’re going for that Olivia Newton John Grease-Lightning look. Perfect for fancy dress though 😉
All in all though, wear your leather-look leggings with something that makes you feel good but do remember that they can be quite unforgiving, so be sure to wear the right kind of knickers underneath to avoid a ghastly VPL!

But back to UK Tights – I was so impressed with their huge range of stock and excellent service that I’ve since bought a lovely pair of blue (denim effect) woolly tights, all I need now is the perfect dress to wear with them 😉

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