long floral skirt

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I had such a rough day the other day. I woke up with a headache behind my right eye and such an intense feeling of nausea. It didn’t immediately dawn on me what it was but twenty minutes later, I knew. A migraine. Oh, how horrible are migraines? I’d already got dressed, put on a little mascara and then it hit. Boom. I sat down on my bed for two minutes, then curled up into a ball and slept until lunchtime. Then I headed downstairs, took some painkillers and slept for another three hours on the sofa – with hubby checking on me intermittently. Eventually, I managed a cup of tea and a slice of toast. I still don’t know what caused it. Usually, people say it’s chocolate, wine or coffee that cause migraines but the only thing I’ve realised in the past is that stress can sometimes trigger them for me. But I’ve had zero stress lately. I wish I knew what it was because I seriously do not want to suffer that again any time soon.

The long floral skirt

long floral skirt

Fortunately, we took these photos a day before my migraine hit so I at least had something to share with you today. And that something is this gorgeous long floral skirt from Simply Be. Isn’t it divine? Although I do like florals, I don’t have much of it in my wardrobe, especially with such a large print. It wasn’t actually the print that drew me to it, initially. It was the length of the skirt. You might remember this post from last year where I wore my (only) long black skirt. I love wearing that length of skirt but I only own one and it’s solid black. So when I spotted this gorgeous long floral skirt on the Simbly Be website, I couldn’t resist. Not only that, but I also opted for the same skirt in my favourite colour: khaki green! You know how mad I am about khaki, right?

long floral skirt

The comfiest bra I’ve ever worn

But it wasn’t just the long floral skirt and the khaki one that caught my eye. It was this beautiful black bra too. And I must say (and I’m not over-exaggerating), it’s the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn. Here I am, flashing my tattoo again 😉 Not to mention baring all once more… well, almost lol. Who’d have thought that Simply Be would sell lingerie to fit my little 34B bra size! This particular bra is a low-cut magic wire Triumph push-up bra from the Amourette 300 series and has flexible soft touch wire without metal, which is one of the reasons why it’s so comfortable. I think I need one in every colour lol!

The outfit

But let’s talk about the outfit. Initially, I wanted to wear this Simply Be long floral skirt with a thick knit sweater but when I couldn’t find the right one in my wardrobe, I chose this khaki shirt instead. If you look closely, there is a hint of khaki green in the skirt. Stacey and Clinton of What Not To Wear used to say, “it doesn’t have to match, it just has to go” – but occasionally, I do like things to match.

long floral skirt

I chose my gorgeous pink brogues to go with the look, not necessarily because of the colour (although that might have had something to do with it!), but because I like the way long skirts look with brogues. There’s something a little unexpected about it, I guess.

long floral skirt

This cream necklace was one I bought from eBay years ago. As cream and khaki ‘go’ so well together, I figured it was a good option. And as I wanted a little extra something, I added these long green statement earrings too.

I’m looking forward to showing you the khaki skirt soon. So stay tuned for that. In the meantime, why don’t you go and check out the Simply Be website. When I was first approached to work with Simply Be, I didn’t think I fit so well with their slogan, ‘We are Curves, We are Simply Be‘. However, they do actually sell clothing in sizes 12-32, with a number of options in sizes 8 and 10 and 34.

long floral skirt

long floral skirt


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