One of my absolute favourite looks is a simple white tee paired with jeans, a leather jacket, heels and a statement necklace. It’s such an easy outfit and a fabulous look every woman can wear. Replace the heels for converse and change up the necklace and you’ve got a great day time look too. I just love the simplicity of it! I bought this jacket from Massimo Dutti last winter – it’s actually got a luxurious detachable fur collar which I don’t often wear because… Read more »

I love adding sparkle to an outfit – whether it’s super sparkly jewellery, a sparkly handbag, a scarf or sparkly shoes, it often adds a bit of fun (or drama) to whatever I’m wearing. Sparkly shoes are something I’ve always adored. My dream shoes would definitely be Dorothy’s ruby slippers – I’ve been looking for some for years but still haven’t found the right pair. Hopefully you’ll see me wearing some on the blog soon 🙂 For now though, I’ll make do with my… Read more »

Last week I bought this gorgeous knit cardigan for a snip at Bershka. When I saw it was on offer for just €13.99, I quickly tried it on and fell in love with it (I have a tendency to do that). But when I got to the checkout, it went through the till for €19.99. I pointed out the mistake and was told it had been wrongly priced and should, in fact, be €19.99. The original price was €29.99 and had a… Read more »

We had the most fabulous dinner on Saturday night at a restaurant I’ve never been to before. Tasca Iberica, near Gale, Albufeira (Algarve) was a breath of fresh air. Super stylish decor, excellent service and the food? Well… it was absolutely divine. I’ll definitely be returning!   The four of us chose a few starters (tapas, really) to share between us, which were super delicious – cheese platter, sausage platter, peppers and bruschetta. Then onto the main course. I went for… Read more »

I’ve been planning a new hairstyle for a while – to coincide with my upcoming 40th birthday in December – and so decided to go ahead and do it early. Initially, I had planned to shave one side of the head (and undercut?) but then, after giving it some serious thought, decided against that and instead opted for an ombre look. I had intended to dye the ends blue but after many hours in the chair, ended up with this… Read more »

I am. I can’t help it. It’s my latest addiction. I just can’t stop scrolling through all those fabulous images. I follow a lot of other style bloggers as well as all my favourite stores (I can usually be found drooling over their clothes!) and other interesting and fun instagrammers. Are you obsessed with Instagram? Come and find me! It’s FUN! 😀 #luna took over the shoot yesterday. #style #teadress #fashionblogger #dogsofinstagram #puppylove A photo posted by Suzy Turner (@suzyturner) on Sep 21,… Read more »

I’m not a gardener, in fact I’m pretty useless when it comes to plants (if this was my domain, everything would probably be dead – good job, then, that Michael is a keen gardener!) but I do love spending time in the garden, especially if it’s a lovely day. And as it was such a beautiful day on Saturday, I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of my Algarve garden to share with you. So please… step into my garden…   Are… Read more »

At 56-years-old, former fashion model Pia Cross still turns heads. If she’s not wearing make-up, Pia will simply don a fabulous pair of sunglasses, add a slick of lipstick and head out. “My hair is very important though and I do like it short but if it’s not right, I don’t feel 100%,” she says, adding that she’s particularly happy with her hair stylist, Luda from Victor Picardo in Praia do Carvoeiro, a small town in the Algarve, where Pia lives with her… Read more »

I popped to Aqua today (that’s our local shopping centre) to get a special shampoo for white hair. I hadn’t really thought about using a specialised product like this before because the majority of my hair is brunette. However, after posting this photo on Instagram the other day… …someone commented that a product specifically for white hair might just make that silvery white streak at the front pop even more. Naturally, I decided to give it a try it. I’ve literally just washed my… Read more »

I’m still on the look out for a waterproof / water repellant winter coat so I thought today I would check out what H&M has to offer. I must say I’m a bit disappointed not to have found exactly what I’m looking for this time around. There are some really lovely coats for general wear here though – worthy of further investigation, for sure. Last week I tried Massimo Dutti but didn’t quite find it. So what next? A friend… Read more »