RevlonI popped to Aqua today (that’s our local shopping centre) to get a special shampoo for white hair. I hadn’t really thought about using a specialised product like this before because the majority of my hair is brunette. However, after posting this photo on Instagram the other day…

Suzy-tea-dress…someone commented that a product specifically for white hair might just make that silvery white streak at the front pop even more. Naturally, I decided to give it a try it. I’ve literally just washed my hair with Revlon’s Pro You White Hair (I got it from Pluricosmetica. It’s also available from Amazon) and I was surprised by the colour of it – it’s a really dark purple. It made me chuckle though – does this put me in the ‘purple rinse brigade?’! It promises to ‘neutralize pigment’ and ‘revive and illuminate’, I’ll keep you posted on the result after a few washes. I’m hopeful it will pop!

Kiko,-shirt-and-RevlonWhilst out, I also wanted to get myself a jade green eye liner. ‘Why on earth do you want a jade eye liner?’ I hear you ask. Well, I was watching some TV show where a makeup artist said every woman with hazel eyes should use a jade liner to make their eyes really pop. There goes that word ‘pop’ again. I obviously really want myself to pop at the moment, don’t I? Do you think it’s got something to do with me turning 40 in a few months?

Kiko-2Anyway, I found a green eyeliner (I hope it’s the right shade of green) in my favourite cosmetics shop: Kiko. It’s a great shop – Italian products that are a really lovely quality, lots of choice and best of all: it’s not expensive. So naturally, I also bought a couple of other bits… two more eye-shadows (because a woman can never have enough eye-shadows) and a couple of nail polishes (because a woman can never have enough nail polishes, right?)

Denim-ShirtAnd then, while I was wandering around, I figured I might as well have a nosey around Primark. Lo and behold I came out with a rather smart denim shirt (sorry about the rubbish photo). A bargain at 11 euros! (I do love a good bargain). I already own a denim shirt but it’s not quite as fitted and is much lighter in colour – so I clearly needed a second and this one is perfect, for now anyway!