I don’t usually wear such loose-fitting clothes like this – not even for everyday wear – but I was very kindly gifted this top from Goose Collection and I must admit, I think I’m converted. I knew it had to be worn with something tight fitting on the lower half which meant leggings or skinny jeans. As all my leggings seem to be for yoga, I chose a pair of blue skinnies. Can you believe I don’t own any leggings… Read more »

I love English garden centres and I really wish someone would open one here in the Algarve! You know the kind – they’re usually huge, they sell everything (not just plants) and there’s always a fabulous coffee shop to boot. The closest thing we have to that is Giga Garden centre in Guia. There’s no coffee shop though (bummer). Anyway, we took a drive down there last week to buy a few plants for our new garden planter. We forgot… Read more »