I am forty-one years old and I’ve finally decided that I will wear what I like, when I like, wherever I like – regardless of what other people might think of me. Since starting this lifestyle blog in 2015, I have slowly become more inspired to be more adventurous with my clothes, but I have often second guessed myself, worrying about what others will think. Well, that stops… now. I Will Wear What I Like For example, I bought this fabulous… Read more »

The fabulous Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb had a really fun idea for us style bloggers to share photos of ourselves wearing our wedding dresses today… regardless of how many years it’s been since we’d tied the knot. Sadly I no longer have my wedding dress because it never actually belonged to me in the first place (it was borrowed from my late step-mother-in-law’s niece!) so I can’t show you if it still fits or not. Catherine therefore suggested those of us who no… Read more »

I’ve just watched an old episode of What Not To Wear (the US version with Stacey and Clinton) and I’m actually a little bit peed off at the over-use of the term ‘age-appropriate style’. I hadn’t really given it much thought but yesterday I’d read a blog post about it and it’s obviously still on my mind. As I approach 40, I guess I am noticing that I’m being more careful about the clothes that I choose to buy. Whenever I… Read more »