Little Book of EarringsI love jewellery boxes. I love books. So it’s only natural that I would fall head over heels in love with the Little Book of Earrings* which is a totally cute alternative way of storing your earrings. Plus it can discreetly be slotted into your book collection for added security.
I’ve got tonnes of earrings – too many really – that I’ve collected over the years and the vanity case I’ve been using to store them in is very impractical – and, as you can see, a total mess.
Jewellery-Box-2The earrings get twisted, caught up, entangled and sometimes even broken, so I’ve actually been wanting to find an alternative way to protect them. Not a Jewellery Box came along at the perfect time, really.  Specialists in jewellery storage solutions, they stock jewellery boxes, jewellery stands, jewellery hangers, The Little Book of Earrings Range and various ring stands – many of which are absolutely gorgeous.
LBoE2I had a good clear out and got rid of any broken bits and bobs of earrings and began making the transition to my brand new teal coloured Little Book of Earrings (I was given a choice of colours so went with this one to match my decor). It took me a while to move them over to the new ‘book’ because it can be a little fidgety filling it up all in one go, but I soon managed. I must say, I’m quite delighted with it because I can easily see all my favourite earrings – many of which had been hiding in the back of my old jewellery box.
Little Book of Earrings 2
I decided to keep my large jewellery box though because there isn’t enough space to hang all my larger hoops (and I am a bit hoop mad) but at least hoops don’t tend to get broken and entangled so I’m happy with this new ‘arrangement’.

Little Book of Earrings

Little Book of Earrings




With Christmas around the corner, I reckon The Little Book of Earrings would make the perfect gift for any woman who has developed a collection of earrings. And if they love books, even better! What is enticing is the price, as it’s available for under £20 (£19 for this size and £14.50 for the travel version). Visit Not a Jewellery Box to see their full range.

* I received this product in exchange for an honest review.