I don’t know what I would do without tights. Some women can’t bear the feel of them against their skin but I just love them. I love the versatility that they can bring to an outfit. The warmth they can add to a chilly day. Not to mention the coverage they give to parts of the body that many women would prefer to be covered (me included!).

Although I’m perfectly content with the shape of my legs, I’m not particularly fond of their shade (especially during the winter months when my tan has vanished). I’ve also got some thread veins in various places on my thighs and calves which look a lot like bruises. So I love it when the weather gets chilly enough that the tights can come out. It means I can wear mini skirts and dresses without even thinking about my legs.

If you read my post about being Perfectly Imperfect, you might wonder why I would even consider covering my legs? Well, I am only human and we all have aspects (perfect imperfections!) of ourselves that we’re less keen on. I love my body as a whole and I’m more than happy to prove that by getting my kit off and shouting to the world lol. But if I can dress in a way to give me even more confidence, I will. Hence the tights. Some examples are pictured below…

Fall Outfits

Charnos Tights

So during the winter months, I do get a lot of wear out of my many pairs of tights. This winter, I was kindly given a few pairs from Charnos Hosiery who have some great options to choose from – from classic sheers and opaques, to high fashion alternatives and party tights, nets and sheers. Like these pretty patterned beige pair that I wore with my new riding boots whilst on holiday. Sadly, it was just TOO cold to wear the other pairs of tights whilst away because most days I was wearing super thick thermal leggings beneath my jeans!

Polka Dots

Since then, I have had the opportunity to wear one of my favourite pairs from Charnos, which are these polka dot ones…

It’s not the most flattering of angles, but at least the picture shows the prettiness of the tights. I wore them with a knitted jumper dress that I’ve had several years, along with a baby blue shirt worn beneath it. Add to that my trusty black leather boots and blue handbag, and I was ready to head out for a bite to eat with hubby.


On another note, I’ve tried wearing hold-ups (it goes without saying that hubby would prefer stockings every time!) instead of tights a few times but I always seem to struggle. I don’t know if it’s my skin or what, but they just never seem to stay up for long, for some reason. So tights it is 🙂

I’ll be featuring another fun pair of tights on the blog soon, so keep an eye out for them! In the meantime, visit Charnos online to find out where they stock their tights – online and in stores.

* I received several pairs of tights from Charnos, but all thoughts and opinions are my own


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Shelbee on the Edge

A Pocketful of Polka Dots

Shelbee on the Edge 2

Not Dressed as Lamb