Suzy-leather-jacket-13One of my absolute favourite looks is a simple white tee paired with jeans, a leather jacket, heels and a statement necklace. It’s such an easy outfit and a fabulous look every woman can wear. Replace the heels for converse and change up the necklace and you’ve got a great day time look too. I just love the simplicity of it!



I bought this jacket from Massimo Dutti last winter – it’s actually got a luxurious detachable fur collar which I don’t often wear because it’s so warm. It’s a nice addition though, as it adds an extra touch of elegance.



The jeans are from Levi’s, bought in the US earlier this year. I got the same pair in a lighter wash but stupidly bought one size up and they’re a too bit baggy around the nether regions (so not flattering!) so now I only wear them around the house 🙁 I particularly love this shape because they’re a little higher waisted than some (I hate those jeans that practically show your lady parts! So wrong on so many levels).

Suzy-leather-jacket-2H&M was where I recently found this simple white tee. They had so many different necklines to choose from, I think I took five into the dressing room. I decided on the round neck as it’s the most flattering for my shape – actually it’s probably a good neckline for most shapes.

The shoes and the necklace both came from eBay a few years ago! I do love searching through the listings to see what unusual items I can find, and was thrilled with both of these. I once wore the necklace to an Indian restaurant and whilst leaving, one of the threads broke and literally hundreds of tiny beads went all over the floor. Talk about embarrassing! Luckily the necklace has plenty more beads on it so was still wearable. The ring was another gorgeous gift from mother-in-law – she does give me the most beautiful things, I am very lucky! And the ear-rings I bought on my recent girls day out to Lagos.





Do you like to rock this look? Share your posts with me in the comments section so I can check it out!

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    1. Suzy Turner
  1. No Fear of Fashion

    I do agree, this look is indeed always a perfect look … for those who can pull it off. You certainly can. You will turn heads with it. I also think you have a lovely face and I’d kill for your hair (no, I wouldn’t, but you know the expression).

    1. Suzy Turner

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