ArbonneI received this complimentary selection of Arbonne products from Rachel Montague-Ebbs at Arbonne in return for an honest, non-biased review on the blog…

Health issues

For at least the past five years or so, hubby and I have become more and more obsessed interested in a healthy lifestyle. It all started with my own health problems. I’d suffered with stomach and lower back issues for years and, having reached my mid-thirties, enough was enough. We finally decided to do something about it. And so started our keen interest in all things natural…

Cutting out the chemicals

The first thing to go was hair dye. I knew it couldn’t be doing me much good putting all that crap colour on my scalp every couple of months so I gave it up. I chopped off my long locks (and donated it to the Little Princess Trust in the UK which makes wigs for sick children) and never looked back. You can read the blog post I wrote about it a few years ago on my old blog.

We drastically changed our diets, almost always choosing the natural, healthy options (I say almost, because it’s important to have a little of what you fancy sometimes) and I even did a five day full-on raw food detox but I’ll tell you about that another time.

Skincare regime

As for my skincare regime, I have to admit that this is the one thing I haven’t quite sorted yet. I’m still using simple products that aren’t exactly natural, because I haven’t found the right products I’m passionate enough about. Until now.



I was fortunate to have been contacted by Rachel, an independent consultant for Arbonne, a company that prides itself on its healthy, botanically based products that are inspired by nature. Rachel very kindly sent me a few Arbonne products for free to test out and review here on the blog – a selection of facial products from their RE9 Advanced collection, as well as some creams and serums from their Calm range (for sensitive skin), a full sized suncream, lipstick and lip liner.

I must say, so far I’m super impressed. Although I can’t comment on any visible results because I’d need to test out the Arbonne products for longer to do so. However, I will keep you posted because I think I just might have to buy some for myself!

My favourite facial product was definitely the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Extra Moisture Restorative Day Cream with SPF 20. Living in Portugal, I really do need a good SPF and that extra moisture content and as my skin doesn’t take too well to heavy creams, this lighter day cream was perfect for me.


Up until two weeks ago (when I received the products to test out), my skincare regime was exceedingly simple – I splashed my face with water first thing in the morning before using a little Olay anti-wrinkle eye cream and then some anti-ageing day cream. Then, early evening after my shower, I’d clean my face with a Body Shop face wash and then use a very light Olay night cream. I know it’s a bit early to use a night cream but I always find my skin feels a bit tight after a shower and it really needs that extra moisture. And when we go out partying to dinner, and I need to get dolled up, later I usually remove my make-up with coconut oil. And that’s it. My skincare regime.

So having all these wonderful Arbonne testers has made me realise my face needs more. My wrinkles are telling me the same thing 😉


Liquid sunshine

Last weekend, hubby and I joined some friends and their kids to cycle around the Algarve Race Track (about 5kms). Because the weather was quite warm and the sun was beating down on us, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to test out the Arbonne Liquid Sunshine sun cream. Although when I first put it on, it did seem rather thick, the non-greasy cream immediately settled into my skin which was left feeling ultra smooth. After a few hours of cycling and hanging out in the open air, my skin still felt very well protected and I didn’t burn at all. I would most definitely recommend it.


As for the lipstick and lip liner, I did actually mention them both in a previous post. I absolutely love them! They seem to stay put for hours and my lips just feel soft when I’m wearing them. Rachel chose the colour perfectly for my skin tone too – sending me the Camellia lipstick and fuchsia lip liner.  Here’s a photo of me using them both…

Pure * Safe * Beneficial

I’m not sure I can afford to splash out on all of these products (there are so many to choose from!), from cleansers, toners, serums, eye creams, day creams, night repair creams, eye gels, (even hair, nutritional and products for men too) etc, but I do know these are exactly the kind of products my skin deserves. I love that the Arbonne products are so natural, yet are scientifically tested. Their slogan is brilliant: Pure * Safe * Beneficial. I also love that the company is the same age as me lol. Both of us were born in 1975 😉

Visit Arbonne’s website to see the full range of botanically based products.


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