The truth about why I never became a mother Twenty years ago, I was desperate for a baby. Little did I know at the time, that desperation would last another fifteen years, and I would never become a mother. Every month I would practically hold my breath when my period was due. I’d be elated whenever it was late. And when it came, my heart would break a little more. Every. Single. Time. I remember one particular month, I… Read more »

Yogadocious Logo

I’m super excited at the moment. I’ve just launched my latest venture: Yogadocious. As you can imagine, it is centred around yoga, but will incorporate so much more. As you might have guessed by now, I’m passionate about yoga, wellbeing, healthy-living and the power of a positive mind. Yogadocious is where I can delve deeper into all of these things. Yogadocious website/blog First and foremost, Yogadocious is my new website. It’s clearly still in its early days so needs some… Read more »

I’m so excited about my life right now. There’s so much going on – both with my home life and my career. Regarding my career though, I am actually starting to feel like an entrepreneur. Coincidentally, just a couple of weeks after I started feeling this way, I came across the Female Entrepreneur Week and it felt like fate had brought us together! NLP You may already know that I’m an author, having self published twelve novels. I’m also a yoga… Read more »

Kikki K at John Lewis

Personal development and self improvement have always been something that are really important to me. Improving myself is something I strive to do – to make myself a better person (in and out) and to always have something to aim for. I’m also a huge fan of pretty stationery so imagine my delight at the prospect of the two combined together. This is exactly what Kikki K, a gorgeous new line of products at John Lewis, has created. Here’s what Kikki K… Read more »

A few days after Christmas we headed up to Lincoln so I could have my first tattoo at 40. Earlier in the year, I’d done a tonne of research online to find the best tattoo artist in the areas I’d be holidaying within the UK. Alex Stark at The Tattooed Arms stood out to me so I emailed him. He was fully booked for months, however (as if it was meant to be) he had one date available and it just happened… Read more »

Hi folks! I’m writing in the hope that you will share the love this month and help me out a little bit. I’ve just created a new Thunderclap campaign to help promote a free promo I’m having next month for Forever Fredless and I NEED as many supporters as possible to help me reach my goal – actually, I’d love to surpass that goal and reach for the stars. But I can only do that with your help. If you’re… Read more »

After giving it some serious thought over the past year or so, I finally did it. I completely moved, lock, stock and barrel over to WordPress and created a self-hosted site (I don’t even know if that’s the right term but it sounds good so I’ll stick with it). My previous site was a freebie with Weebly – which was pretty cool but it wasn’t my own, if that makes sense. Prior to that, I was with blogger and ditto, it… Read more »