Royal Thai Massage

The Royal Thai Massage company very kindly offered me a massage last week, but me being the kind wife I am (!), I asked Michael if he fancied it instead. After all, he’s never had a professional massage before. He jumped at the chance. I think he was daydreaming about a wonderfully relaxing, gentle treatment. Little did he know what he was really in for…. He was given several treatments to choose from and, without doing any research, hubby chose… Read more »

Why I’ve decided to quit alcohol – I’ve been drinking alcohol since I was thirteen years old. Shocking, right? The truth is, that was how old I was when my mum died. It was such a tough time for my family and I guess it was one of the triggers that kicked it all off. I started going out with friends and the booze always flowed. It’s crazy when I think about it now. A bunch of thirteen year olds… Read more »

floral choker top

Pretty floral choker top When I spotted this pretty floral choker top in Pull & Bear, I simply couldn’t resist it. The in-built choker means there is absolutely no need for a necklace. I’ve always loved chokers – I think it’s because they remind me of another era. Is it the Victorian times, perhaps? I actually had a pretty bad couple of weeks, to be honest. It started off with me overdoing it on the computer (when I get excited… Read more »

SN & N Opticians

When something really impresses me, I like nothing more than to give credit where it’s due. Which is why this post is all about SN & N Opticians in Lagos (Algarve). Usually, when my eyes need testing, I put it off and go to Specsavers in England. But recently, I was getting the most awful headaches behind my eyes and I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer so I asked a couple of local friends for their recommendations…. Read more »

Accessory Insanity yoga leggings 11

When I got the chance to try out these gorgeous yoga leggings from Accessory Insanity, I was delighted. As you probably know, yoga has become a ritual of mine, one I do almost every day and if I miss it for any reason, I feel blah to say the least. Yoga wear, therefore, is something that is becoming increasingly important to me (what a surprise!) so I’m always up to try out something new. As I’m about to start teaching, the right yoga leggings will be… Read more »

Ginger is one of those wonderfully delicious spices that is super healthy. In fact, I’d say it’s a superfood in itself. Hubby and I can’t get enough of it. According to Chinese reports ginger is a perfect tonic to help fight influenza while an Indian report shows that it can increase the immune system’s ability to fight infection. Ginger is full of goodness and helps with so many different ailments – nausea, loss of appetite, motion sickness, pain, inflammation. It also helps… Read more »

For the past couple of months I’ve been spending most of my time on my back… no, not because of that (wink wink)! Issues with my back have plagued me for years and I’ve seen various doctors and chiropractors but the underlying problem was never diagnosed until a recent visit to another chiropractor who knew immediately what was wrong – a sacroiliac sprain. Little did I know that, during the months before my diagnosis, I was making it worse with… Read more »