When planning for a holiday, one of my first thoughts is what handbag will I use? If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I hate to be uncomfortable and that includes what I’m carrying on my shoulders. For holidays (or even a long day shopping), a hand-held bag is a no-no for me. I need something that will allow me to go hands-free. So it’s got to be a rucksack or a cross body bag. And because I also… Read more »

Just before I left for my holiday, I received the most beautiful gift from The Spanish Boot Company – a pair of brown leather riding boots in the best quality leather I’ve ever seen.  When I opened the box, that delicious scent of leather immediately filled the air…mmmmmm. Don’t you just love that smell? The boots themselves are of such beautiful quality, I just wanted to look at them, not wear them lol. But I packed them in my suitcase… Read more »

  Aren’t these ankle boots from JD Williams absolutely divine? Sadly, I wasn’t able to take super duper photos outside because of this horrendous weather affecting parts of the US where I am at the moment. There’s one hell of a snow storm hitting the east coast as I write. Luckily, we’re safe in Saratoga Springs tonight!   Gorgeous JD Williams Boots But back to these absolutely gorgeous boots – I was kindly gifted them from JD Williams just before… Read more »

Happy 2018 my beautiful friends! As I write this, I’m curled up on the sofa in our fabulous hotel suite at the Grand Pavilion Hotel in Saratoga Springs. It’s actually much milder outside today at just –14˚C! I know, crazy right? It’s the coldest we’ve ever felt. Unfortunately, this has meant that all my plans for some fabulous outfit posts while on holiday have had to be put on hold. It’s just too darn cold to go out without my… Read more »

Ombre effect sweater

Although it might look like this post is all about our Aloe Vera plant which is the focus of this photo, it’s surprisingly not (!). Taken several weeks ago before the weather cooled down at home, I wanted to show you a favourite ombre effect sweater I bought a few years ago which has never appeared on the blog. For quite a few years I paid way too much attention to what Michael thought I should wear. If he didn’t… Read more »

Massimo Dutti shawl

I might look completely bored while wearing my Massimo Dutti shawl in this picture but I assure you I wasn’t. I was clearly just really into my nails at that moment in time ;). A few weeks back, we were headed out for a bite to eat and it was starting to get chilly in the evenings. I wasn’t quite ready for full on woolly jumpers so, instead, I opted to wear my favourite Massimo Dutti shawl. To be honest,… Read more »

If you’ve ever read my ‘About‘ page, then you’ll probably already know that I think couch potato days are the best. If not full days, then certainly coach potato evenings. Lately, hubby and I have been binge-watching Netflix. The first Netflix series we watched and couldn’t get enough of was The Crown. As I write, the second series begins in just a few days time and we can’t wait. I’ve long been a fan of the British royal family and… Read more »


Staying warm in the winter months is extremely important to me, especially as I get older. Apart from when I’m suffering with hot flushes (!), my feet are usually freezing cold – even here in the Algarve. So imagine my delight when I had the opportunity to try out some fabulous alpaca socks from Perilla. Perilla very kindly sent me two pairs to try out. A gorgeous pair of pink bed socks and a scrumptious thick pair of brown socks…. Read more »

Alice's Pig

I’m totally in love with this coat. Isn’t it divine? I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity this month to collaborate with the total awesome Alice’s Pig, who very kindly sent me this stunning coat. Haven’t heard of them? Well, you should. They have the most amazing clothes – all with a vintage twist, which I just adore. Wonderland “Wonderland is everywhere, so you’d better be dressed for it” Alice’s Pig was created by Amanda & Nico, who were inspired… Read more »

If you follow the blog, you’re probably already aware of how much I love green. So when I had the opportunity to choose a necklace from The Eternal Collection, I couldn’t resist this stunning natural sea green abalone shell statement piece. Mesmerising This mesmerising sea green abalone shell necklace transforms into a shimmering statement piece when worn. With hints of purple, turquoise and aqua shimmering within the heart of the shell it catches the light beautifully. Superior quality oval link… Read more »