Bershka-cardie-outfit-3Last week I bought this gorgeous knit cardigan for a snip at Bershka. When I saw it was on offer for just €13.99, I quickly tried it on and fell in love with it (I have a tendency to do that). But when I got to the checkout, it went through the till for €19.99. I pointed out the mistake and was told it had been wrongly priced and should, in fact, be €19.99. The original price was €29.99 and had a 30% discount for a few days. Ready for a fight (not really – that’s just not me), I waited for the manager to come and sort out the problem. Luckily they let me have it for the cheaper price but I did see them quickly remove the remaining cardigans off the rack so they could correct their error! YAY me!


I love cardigans. I think they’re a fab way to alter an outfit when you need something to keep off that chill that’s in the air at the moment. I fell for this cute granddad (is that what you call them?) cotton knit cardie primarily because it resembles those gorgeous cricket jumpers that I’ve always wanted but never managed to find the right one (lately they’ve been super wide and I can’t be doing with that!). This is the perfect alternative that I can just throw on to keep me warm whenever I need it. It’s one I can snuggle into.



I wore it with my favourite pair of bootcut / flares from Promod, a beautiful lace top with a peplum that my lovely mother-in-law bought for me, Michael’s BMW watch (I love wearing his over-sized watches), favourite Massimo Dutti sandals (which we forgot to photograph!) and simple Mangotti handbag that I bought from Secret Sales earlier this year. I just love Secret Sales, they’ve always got loads of amazing clothes and accessories on offer. Sadly, it wasn’t cold enough for the cardigan so it spent the evening in the car. Oh well… roll on Autumn!





2 thoughts on “Crazy for cardigans

  1. Keiti Dontcare

    You are an absolute doll with this cardigan! I love the ivory color, it speaks warm cozy days
    at home with coffee and a book, while the rain is knocking on the window! ^_^
    And wow, such luck to get it so cheap, if it was our stores here they wouldn’t let you take it, damn cheapsakes!
    The top is lovely too, I love wearing oversize watches too, there’s something very cool and big masculine peces!

    1. Suzy Turner

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