I will wear what I like

I am forty-one years old and I’ve finally decided that I will wear what I like, when I like, wherever I like – regardless of what other people might think of me. Since starting this lifestyle blog in 2015, I have slowly become more inspired to be more adventurous with my clothes, but I have often second guessed myself, worrying about what others will think. Well, that stops… now.

I Will Wear What I Like

I will wear what I like

For example, I bought this fabulous tulle skirt a couple of weeks ago but I stopped myself wearing it because I worried others would think I was trying to be younger than I am. Well, I’ve never really cared what people think of me so I really don’t understand why I would stop wearing something I loved! The same with the fishnets. Some people might think they’re tarty. I don’t. So, this weekend I decided to stop worrying, and start wearing.


I will wear what I like

Thanks to Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb

I should thank Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb for giving me the push I needed. She wrote the most inspiring blog post about why many of us have this ‘thing’ about not being able to pull off certain outfits, and she’s pissed off that so many of us do this to ourselves and I have to agree. Why?

I will wear what I like

You CAN pull it off!

We had a pizza night at our place on Saturday night for a few of our friends (when I wore this outfit) and we touched on this issue when one of my friends (who was looking absolutely fabulous in sparkly pink and black) said she ‘couldn’t pull off leather jeans’. I practically shrieked at her! She’d look fabulous in leather jeans and I cannot understand why she would think otherwise. Grrrrr.

I will wear what I like

Bringing my inner little girl back

Incidentally, she did comment on how stylish she thinks I’ve become as I’ve gotten older. She even suggested I’d be really good at dressing other women which would be fun, I’m sure! I agree my style has changed a lot and I’ve certainly found my confidence over the past few years. Dressing is so much fun now. I just wish other women would look at it in a similar fashion, to enjoy it and to have fun. Remember when you were little and dressed up in your mum’s or older sister clothes? Wasn’t it exciting and fun? Well, try bringing that little girl back and dress for yourself not for everybody else. What’s the fun in that? Which is why I will wear what I like now…always.

That’s exactly what I did when putting this outfit together. A girlie tulle skirt (Stradivarius), fishnets (Calzedonia), ankle boots (Aldo) a statement rock chick tee-shirt (I’ve had it for years and can’t remember where I bought it from), a simple grey cardigan (H&M) and pink animal print earrings (Brigitte Bijou)! This outfit made me smile and made me feel good about myself. And that, my dears, is the most important thing, right? 🙂

In case you’re wondering about the photos, torrential rain meant we couldn’t shoot outdoors  (although we did try) so we decided to try out the light in our bathroom instead. Et voila!




Not Dressed as Lamb

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Girly yet edgy and sooo darling!! You go girl, I too decided in my 40’s that each day I will wear what I love and not what society dictates! This outfit of yours made me smile too and you rock it so beautifully!!

    • Thank you so much, you gorgeous lady! I do love that about you <3 <3
      Suzy xx

  • Elizabeth Seckman

    In my thirties, I decided I no longer cared– I would wear what I want. For me, that meant comfort, not more style. LOL. But nothing aggravates me more than women’s magazines who say they are all about empowering women and then make fun of their style choices.

    • LOL Elizabeth, you really made me chuckle! But I bet you have your own style. Comfort is really important to me too though – I can’t bear to be uncomfortable any more!
      Suzy xx

  • Oh my gosh…this outfit is FANTABULOUS, dearest Suzy!! I’d steal it from you in a heartbeat!! ;D And I sooo agree with you (and Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb!) – the very BEST way to look and feel confident is to wear what YOU love!! You go girl!! XOXO P.S. Your bathroom – from what I can see in these pics – looks like a pretty amazing space!!


    • LOL Monika, I could TOTALLY see you wearing this outfit too. It is very you 😀
      Thanks for your lovely comments. I really ought to do a post about my bathroom which we renovated last year. I do love it!!
      Suzy xx

      • I’m “into” home decorating (almost!) as much as personal style, Suzy…and I’m sure I’m not the only one!! Please DO considering sharing some more pics of your renovated bathroom!! 🙂

  • I do wear what I like and I feel comfortable and I don’t worry about what the public think. I am quite a conservative dresser, that’s what I feel suits me best. I admire women who can carry off the cool girl look as you are wearing above Suzy, but it just doesn’t suit me. This does sometimes give me concern for my blog however! I often wonder if people find it a bit boring. But then again sorry not sorry! xx
    Ps I hope you can join me on the new link up. It’s Thursday eve. Would be great to have you there.

    • Laurie, I love your style. You always look so sophisticated – a look that I can’t really pull off as amazingly as you. I wouldn’t worry about your blog because even though we do have different styles, I am inspired by you and I’m sure all your readers are too!
      Suzy xx