I love slogan tops, and when I spotted this ‘Perfect is Boring’ top in C&A this summer, I knew it was made for me! If you’re a regular reader, you’ll probably be well aware that one of my favourite colours to wear is khaki. You might not know that I also happen to love all things camo. Unfortunately I don’t own that much of it so when I spot something so me, I just have to have it. And the real plus? It was just 5,99 euros in the sale!

Sparkle and shine

One of the things I love about khaki and camo is the fact that it goes with so much. But would you ever think to wear it with something sparkly? Personally, I think a bit of sparkle is always fun with just about every outfit so yes, I would 😉 And now is the time to buy sparkle, with Christmas around the corner. I just searched on Asos for sequins and there are some absolutely gorgeous clothes there, especially dresses! This ombre dress is a particular favourite.

This sparkly handbag was a gift from an old friend. Someone I haven’t seen nor heard of for a few years but I always think about her and smile whenever I use it. We were so close when she lived over here but sadly she moved away. I sincerely hope she is living a wonderful life in the UK. But back to the handbag – not only does it look super fabulous but it’s also wonderfully spacious (always a plus). I found the most stunning one in a bluey/green shade on Amazon here, if you’re interested. It’s GORGEOUS!

Perfect is boring

Perfect is boring – except when it comes to my Levi’s 😉

My favourite skinny Levi’s start to appear on the blog a lot more this time of year (until next summer when it’s a bit too hot). I absolutely love them – they’re the perfect fit, they’re high waisted (which is more flattering on my shape), the length is just right for my 5ft 4inch frame and the colour is spot on. I bought them in the States three years ago when we did a road trip from Washington to Florida. I wish I’d bought more pairs! Here’s a similar pair from John Lewis.

I haven’t worn these black booties for a while either – again, because it’s usually too hot for any kind of boots until the end of October. But for an evening out, they were just what I wanted. They helped to add a touch of rock chick to the whole outfit, wouldn’t you agree? I can’t actually remember where I bought this pair from. It might have been H&M. You can find a similar pair here. Unfortunately I just can’t do high heels for any length of time though. Boy did my lower back ache the following day! I could really feel it when I started yoga the next morning! But a good stretch of the hamstrings really helped to ease the ache.

Yogadocious – yes, perfect is boring

By the way, if you’re feeling a little stiff and need a bit of a pick-me-up, might I suggest you try my online yoga classes? They’re absolutely free and you can find them on my blog, Yogadocious or directly on my Youtube channel. You’ll notice I’m very much myself in front of the camera and I don’t mind wearing PJs on there either! For yoga, it’s all about being comfortable. Like the slogan says, perfect is boring anyway 😉

As for my mis-matched jewellery (like the slogan says, perfect is boring so why would I make sure it all went perfectly?), I added my favourite ‘three-layered’ necklace which is I reckon is totally rock chick too. Would you believe it’s just a cheap buy from Primark? I’d love to find a decent version of it! I won the silver bracelet in a Twitter competition a few years ago and both rings were gifts from my lovely Mother-in-law. Oh, and the earrings are wings – I’ve always had a thing for angel wings. Speaking of wings, is anyone else obsessing over Lucifer?

Perfect is boring

What hubby wore

And here’s my gorgeous hubby during the same evening. He (very reluctantly) posed for me lol! He’d just had his haircut so I wanted to show you that this hairstyle isn’t just ‘cool’ for the youngsters… Michael will be 45 next month!!


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  • Camo and sequins? Of course….why didn’t I think of that!!!
    It’s totally fabulous!

  • Elizabeth Seckman

    I love it!! I’ve always said you can’t trust perfection, so I agree it’s boring too.

    Love that you’re including the hubs in your pics. As the mom of four young men, I know guys like to be fashionable too.

    • Thanks Elizabeth! It’s fun to have Michael on the blog… I do enjoy taking photos of him lol

  • ADA

    I love that fun camo sweater and that lovely sequined tote, Suzy. Great Fall outfit. I always love olive green.

    Welcome back and join my new Thursday Moda linkup this week. Have a great weekend! Ada. =)


    • Thanks so much Ada! I love it olive green too – actually, I love anything green!
      Suzy xx

  • Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. This look is everything but boring, but it is a perfect look. LOL.

  • That is so cute Suzy! Love the camo and the saying! The sequined bag brings out the silver lettering. Your hubby looks very stylish, i bought my pair a pair of grey skinny jeans and he enjoys wearing them… we must rub off on them!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • LOL I think we must rub off on them a little bit, Jess! When is your hubby going to appear on the blog?
      Suzy 😉

  • I love your slogan top! Camo and sequins is a fabulous combination…I need to try it! I still don’t own anything in camo print, even though I’ve been meaning to get a shirt or T-shirt for ages. Fantastic photos! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • Thanks Emma! I agree – I love the juxtaposition of the two!
      Suzy xx