Why I quit alcohol

Looking ahead to the future…

Why I’ve decided to quit alcohol – I’ve been drinking alcohol since I was thirteen years old. Shocking, right? The truth is, that was how old I was when my mum died. It was such a tough time for my family and I guess it was one of the triggers that kicked it all off.

I started going out with friends and the booze always flowed. It’s crazy when I think about it now. A bunch of thirteen year olds hitting the bars and clubs – and getting served without a single question being asked. Fortunately things have changed today and it’s not quite as easy for youngsters as it was back then. Well, I hope it’s not anyway.

For the rest of my teenage years, I would hang out with friends every weekend and we always did the same – drink and smoke cigarettes. Although I did quit the latter when I was 16, after my boyfriend (and now husband) gave me an ultimatum: him or the cigarettes. I chose wisely 😉

But even though he doesn’t drink (he got drunk once and said never again and he never did!), I continued to. Wine, beer, the occasional cocktail or the odd liqueur. I never really stopped. I would have a glass of wine almost every night and at weekends, at least two (and if I was out, even more). Hubby insisted it wasn’t doing me any good. It was the one thing we argued about. I wish I’d listened.

The truth about why I’ve decided to quit alcohol

Why I quit alcohol

As the years passed, my health began to suffer. I developed lactose and gluten intolerances and my stomach almost always resembled that of a pregnant woman in the early to mid stages. I would come down with bug after bug, which would undoubtedly affect my mood. My hormones were all over the place too. Add to that, horrendous back pain and strange dull aches and pains in my legs that affected my sleep – which were so bad three or four times a year that I could barely function. I went to a couple of doctors but neither really did much for me.

And then, about five years ago I decided to go on a raw food detox. I went through hell for four days – the pain in my legs and lower back was unbelievable – before I started feeling better. Both hubby and I changed our diet to an alkaline one which was amazing. I began cycling a few times a week too. I lost loads of weight and felt rejuvenated. But slowly (and stupidly) I began to get back into bad habits again.

Fast forward to this summer and over the past few months, I barely had a few days of feeling good. I went from having excruciating period pains to catching a cold, then a tummy bug, and then another bug and then the pains in my legs started up again! Not to mention I was suffering with palpitations every single day. I couldn’t take it any more. Enough was enough. I am a yoga teacher after all, and I just wasn’t being the best role model for anyone!

Making changes

I needed to make some changes and I needed them to be for life. Not just for a few months. But forever. I could no longer live this way, knowing that I could feel so much better if I just changed my lifestyle. So that’s what I’m doing right now. I officially quit alcohol on 11th October 2017 and began the alkaline diet again.

I told some of my close friends during a dinner at their house a few nights ago and they thought I was joking! They sipped wine while I discovered a taste for tonic water, and I realised I didn’t need wine to enjoy myself.

I know it’s going to be a little tough at times – celebrations, for example or at Christmas when the mulled wine is flowing. But I know I can do it. For me, for my body and also for my husband.

And while I’m at it, I’m making a real concerted effort to avoid caffeine, sugar and anything else processed too. But that’s not so much of a big deal because we tend to avoid the processed stuff anyway. I’m not giving it up entirely though – I will have one cup of coffee and a slice of cake and/or a chocolate or two as my weekly treat!

If you’re interested, I will keep you posted how it’s all going. With me luck!

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17 thoughts on “Life decisions: Why I’ve decided to quit alcohol

  1. Elizabeth Seckman

    Best of luck!!

    I always feel better when I eat healthier, but I still go back to bad habits. Being lazy is so easy.

    1. Suzy Turner
  2. Gail Hanlon

    Big thing to do! Good luck. I hardly drink at all these days. Hate the way it makes me feel afterwards- just 1 glass can make me tired and jaded. Hope you soon feel on top of the world!

    1. Suzy Turner
      Suzy Turner

      You’re so right, Gail! I hate how I feel afterwards too… and I’m so glad I finally realised it’s not doing me any good.
      Have a lovely weekend!
      Suzy xx

  3. Liz

    Wow Suzy. A life-changing decision and I’m sure will bring about only positive changes. I notice that I definitely sleep better on no-alcohol days. Good luck and thank you for sharing xxxx

    1. Suzy Turner
      Suzy Turner

      Thanks so much Liz! I do feel so much better when I don’t drink – it’s a shame it’s taken me so long to do something about it.
      Have a lovely weekend <3
      Suzy xx

  4. Miriam

    Your post couldn’t have come at a better time, Suzy. I’ve been in a terrible rut of coming home after work, plopping myself on the couch, and mindlessly watching TV for hours, slurping glass after glass of wine before stumbling to bed. Until quite recently I was a devoted yogi, passionate blogger and loved nothing more than walking with my dogs – but lately, laziness combined with vino has swallowed my motivation. I’m cutting way back, and I thank you for sharing your story! your post was the push I needed to get my butt into gear again!

    1. Suzy Turner
      Suzy Turner

      Miriam, your comment has made my day. I’m so pleased that I have encouraged at least one person to make the changes needed to be healthy and fit again. I hope you motivation stays high and you feel amazing for it. Thank you so much for stopping by to read my post.
      Have a wonderful weekend!
      Suzy xx

    2. Suzy Turner
  5. Shelbee on the Edge

    I am wishing you all the luck, Suzy, in this journey! As you know that I have recently embarked on a similar journey. My baby steps have been mostly in the right direction, but then the PMS cravings set in and I fell back to my old disgusting ways! But I just get back right on the road to healthier living again. Even if we only make one small change at a time, it is still a change for the better! Thank you so much for sharing your decision and your journey with us. Here’s to healthier living, my friend! And thanks for linking up.


    1. Suzy Turner
      Suzy Turner

      Thanks so much, Shelbee. I remember your heartfelt post about trying to make changes for the better and I gave you some advice lol… I should’ve listened to myself then! But I have now at least. Perhaps we can encourage each other from now on. Huge hugs xxx

  6. Living on Cloud Nine

    Proud of you Suzy! I only consume one cocktail every other month or so. I look at it as not only for my health, but for losing the calories that alcohol has as well. So much luck to you my friend! Here’s to health and love without the alcohol. xo

    1. Suzy Turner
  7. Zuma Ayriyan

    You are very brave Suzy! You took on such a tough task, and I’m so proud of you for taking it on and for sharing!! I’m sorry you had to go through these experiences, but good for you for not letting them take over you and for fighting for your happiness. I’m wishing you lots of strength and to start for feeling better (physically and emotionally) soon. Lots of love.

    1. Suzy Turner
  8. Emma Day (Crazy with Twins)

    Best of luck to you. My husband rarely drinks and my ex was an alcoholic, so I stopped drinking when I met my husband. We have the occasional one, but by occasional I mean like one drink everu month or two. I have also cut down my sugar intake. I don’t add salt to food and I gave up caffeine a few years ago.

    The combination of these has changed my life. My immune system has improved dramatically. I no longer suffer OCD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. I am happier, less tired, more energetic, stronger both physically and emotionally and I’m kinder to others. #BrillBlogPosts

    1. Suzy Turner
      Suzy Turner

      Thank you so much, Emma. I can’t even imagine how tough it must have been living with an alcoholic – but it was obviously the push you needed to quit drinking yourself. I’m so glad that your quality of life has improved. I’m hoping to get the same effects as you! Thanks again for stopping by, Emma.
      Suzy x

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