Those of you that are friends with with me on Facebook or Instagram will already know what happened to me last weekend. But for those that aren’t – my husband of 18 years proposed to me again! It was totally surreal and completely unexpected. It included him getting down on bended knee to ask me to marry him…for the second time. Not only that, but he also presented me with the most beautiful ring.


Michael first proposed to me on my 21st birthday and it wasn’t particularly romantic (but memorable, nonetheless). He was washing the dishes and said for me to go look under the Christmas tree (my birthday is on Boxing Day so my birthday presents tend to sit under the tree) and open my birthday present. Lo and behold, when I opened the box, I found an engagement ring. With tears in my eyes I looked up and said, ‘Is this what I think it is?’. His response was, ‘Yeah. Well? Will you?’

We’ve always laughed about it but it’s obviously something he wanted to amend, hence him getting down on bended knee last weekend. Plus, I guess he always wanted to present me with a more impressive ‘rock’ lol! My original engagement ring, although it was a real diamond, was quite a little one. But he was always proud of the fact that it was a real diamond compared to some friends who had big ‘stones’ that were fake 😉

Stag & Doe Jewellers

Apparently he’d been planning it for some time. Meeting with a family member in the jewellery trade (Stag & Doe Jewellers in Sudbury) to find the perfect ring. I think they did a wonderful job, don’t you? I still can’t stop admiring it on my finger! You can also find Stag & Doe on Facebook.

As for the rest of the weekend, we had such a lovely time wandering around Lisbon together, as well as a spot of shopping! We enjoyed some delicious meals too but the weekend was all about the two of us just being together. So no cameras and no style posts about the trip lol! Because I have a back, knee and foot problem (!) it was all about comfort – so for the majority of the time, I was wearing my trusty Merrels anyway!


It was a wonderful weekend, one I will certainly never forget. Add to that the beautiful Christmas lights, and I was in utter heaven…



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  1. Living on Cloud Nine

    Oh Suzy, can you two be any more precious!!! This is wonderful and you two are an inspiration! You radiate love, beauty and sweet togetherness!!

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