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Last week I had the privilege of doing a vintage fashion shoot with a very beautiful friend of mine. Lizzie Griffiths has been featured on the blog once before, when I interviewed her about her fabulous style and dramatic weight loss. This time, however, it was all about vintage fashion and her passion for it, which certainly showed through in these photos!


Primarily featuring vintage fashion with a distinctive 70s flair, Lizzie proves that vintage can look simply amazing. Even something that might appear a little drab on the hanger, has a new lease of life on the silhouette.

Colours and loud patterns abound in these vintage fashion items, all available from Fat Vintage – an Etsy store specialising in stunning one of a kind vintage fashions (for her, him and the home), and certainly well worth checking out.

Lizzie’s love for vintage

I asked Lizzie to explain what it is about vintage fashion that she loves.

“What I love about vintage clothing is that you have the security of knowing no one else is going to be wearing the same as you! It’s my worst nightmare. I’ve never been one to avidly follow trends but instead discover the styles and colours that suit me and bring it up to date with accessories.”

Unique look

“Vintage clothing offers a unique look, not every era will probably suit you. The 50s full skirt, 60s shift dress and 70s boho seem to flatter my figure. I love knowing that these clothes have a history. They are timeless. The way dresses were cut and their length is so much more flattering than some of the awful dresses I see on the high street… Many don’t even cover your bum! It’s also obviously economical to buy vintage, especially in our world of fast fashion. I like that these clothes have been loved and worn, yet are still in great condition.”

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed photographing Lizzie. I know I’m just an amateur photographer but she was such a pleasure to work with – and very patient with me! I’m so delighted with how these photos turned out. Some I couldn’t resist making black or white or sepia because it further enhanced Lizzie’s natural beauty on screen. Just turned 30, I’m trying to encourage Lizzie to try her hand at modelling. I think she’d be amazing!

You can find Lizzie on her Facebook page, on Twitter and on Instagram. Lizzie also writes for the Huffington Post.

Thanks to Fat Vintage for lending us the clothes for the shoot. And I must also extend thanks to the owner of this fabulous apartment in Burgau, Algarve where we shot the photos. The apartment is available for holiday lets, and you can find it on Air BnB.


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      1. Suzy Turner
        Suzy Turner

        Thanks Lisa! And thanks for lending us the clothes for the shoot 😀
        Liz told me you left the denim dress for me too. That was incredibly sweet of you. Thank you! Apparently it’s with Anne, I haven’t had the chance to see her since!
        Suzy xx

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          Hi Suzy, did you get my message re the pictures from the shoot? I cant seem to take them from dropbox and I was hoping to use some for the site obviously. Do you have anymore that show the full item also? these are the ‘useable’ ones for the shop, thank you, lisa xxx

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