Welcome to my teeny weeny yoga studio…

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve finally started teaching yoga and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing that I’m helping people through yoga. Although my little yoga studio is teeny (it fits only two students and myself, comfortably), I’m also available for home visits (only in the western Algarve, that is!).

Whether you’re eight, eighteen or eighty, yoga is amazingly beneficial for you, regardless of your weight, flexibility or general ability. It’s something I’d recommend for absolutely everyone as it’s so important to keep the spine healthy throughout your life.

Traditional Hatha Yoga

Traditional hatha yoga is what I specialise in – as it is accessible for everyone. I always take it easy and never push anyone beyond their limits. Why any yoga teacher would push any of their students unnecessarily is beyond me. I suffered terrible back pain for years, and I actually made it worse for a while because I was pushing too hard. Now I understand why that’s not in the least bit necessary.

Down to earth yoga

I’m also not the kind of yoga teacher that performs acrobatics. Yes, it looks beautiful when yogis can perform crazy looking handstands, twist their bodies into bizarre shapes or do the splits but it’s not particularly beneficial – in fact, many of them may find themselves in pain ten years from now! I’m also always learning so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with me 🙂

Yoga Music

Traditionally, hatha yoga classes are performed without music but as someone who loves music of all kinds, I recently decided to try teaching with yoga music. I was therefore delighted to have the opportunity to try out this yoga music CD from Group Fitness Music.

Group Fitness Music

I played the CD for the first time last week during a class with two of my closest friends. Needless to say, we were all super relaxed by the end of it! This particular album has fifteen tracks, all of which are calming, zen-like, ambient sounds. Hand-picked by celebrity yoga trainer Niki Wibrow, I really enjoyed listening to each of the tracks.


Also, as an author, I think the music would be particularly good for when I’m writing too. The only downside about it is that it’s only 60 minutes long, but if you download the album from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon or Spotify, you can easily add more to a playlist. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone interested in yoga, whether teachers or simply anyone who practises at home. It’s a great tool for unwinding 🙂


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  1. Gail Hanlon

    Congrats on your new teaching and studio! I love yoga, would definitely like to take a class if I’m ever in your neck of the woods! Gail x

    1. Suzy Turner
    1. Suzy Turner

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