Yoga courseAs you read this, I’ll probably be in downward dog, savasana or even crow pose… yes, I’m off to do some serious yoga! Not just any yoga, mind you. I’m off on a month-long yoga teacher training course.

As it’s such an intensive course, there’ll be no time to do any work on my computer – so no blogging, no writing books, no social networking. Actually, I will have my phone with me so I might post the occasional snippet on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (I can’t resist, can I?).

Yoga teacher training course

I’m super excited about the yoga teacher training course, because I’ve been wanting to deepen my knowledge of yoga for some time. And with my ongoing back issues, I’m keen to find out how I can help others with similar problems. Therefore I consider myself extremely lucky (or perhaps it was just fate – meant to be?) to have found a teacher who specialises in back problems.

The course runs from 1st until 28th October, so there’ll be no posts on the blog during that time. But please don’t forget about me, because I’ll be back in November with plenty of great content – more style posts (the first of which will feature the most beautiful necklace I received this week!), more yoga posts, more food, travel, and other fun stuff!

So keep a look out for my return in early November. In the meantime, wish me luck on my yoga teacher training course! I’ll look forward to telling you all about it.

Namaste <3

Suzy xxx

Yoga course

3 thoughts on “I’m off on a yoga teacher training course – see you in November!

  1. Elizabeth Seckman

    Best of luck! I wish you lived near me and I’d sign up for your classes…once you’re all trained up.

  2. Sian

    This is amazing, Suzy! Hope you’re having the most wonderful time and that you come back full of ideas and plans 🙂 I can’t wait to hear more about the course, so inspiring!

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