As you read this, I’ll probably be in downward dog, savasana or even crow pose… yes, I’m off to do some serious yoga! Not just any yoga, mind you. I’m off on a month-long yoga teacher training course. As it’s such an intensive course, there’ll be no time to do any work on my computer – so no blogging, no writing books, no social networking. Actually, I will have my phone with me so I might post the occasional snippet… Read more »

Browns Family Jewellers

  I’ve always been a huge fan of chokers. I used to wear them a lot when I was a teenager. As I was a bit of a goth, they were mostly black and mostly quite tight around the neck. Now though, although I still have a few, I don’t where them so often, not because I don’t like them, but because I prefer necklaces that aren’t quite so snug fitting around that part of my body. When I was recently… Read more »

Long black dress

Last year I bought this long black dress from Massimo Dutti and I think I’ve only worn it once. It was whilst driving to the UK last winter, in one of the Spanish hotels. I think I teamed it with ankle boots and then dressed it up for dinner. Last week, however, I suddenly thought the long black dress would look really cute with my floral FILA pumps and denim waistcoat – both of which were bought this summer. I’d prefer it if the waistcoat was… Read more »


There are times in life when all you need is a slouchy shirt. One you can wear with jeans and pumps and just be comfy, while still looking a little stylish. This slouchy shirt is one of my summer’s best buys – it was an absolute bargain in the sales. I think I paid 3 euros for it!   I love the thinness (can you say that?!) of the fabric, which makes it perfect for a warm summer’s day, especially one when… Read more »


When you’re young, there are so many things you don’t expect will ever happen to you. You think you’re invincible, that your skin will stay smooth forever and that cellulite will never find it’s way to the back of your thighs. Cellulite? The word probably never even entered my vocabulary back then. Boy, how things change… When I was about thirty, I remember going swimming with a friend who was ten years younger than me. Yes she was gorgeous, slim… Read more »


Comfort is very important to me, and so is style. Add to that mix, luxury and heritage, and you’ve got Morlands (Glastonbury) Limited, a company that produces the most comfortable slippers and boots. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try out one of their products and, being a real girlie girl, I opted for the leopard print ballerina slippers with a pink trim: When my slippers arrived in the post (super quick, I might add), I must admit to… Read more »

Hill & Friends Handbag 2

I love hearing about exciting new brands, especially when it comes to accessories like handbags. And when those handbags are beautifully designed and created in the UK, Italy and Spain, it makes it even more exciting, right? Which is why I’m thrilled to be writing about the brand, Hill & Friends, and their collaboration with one of my favourite stores, John Lewis. The collaboration launched on August 21st. Hill & Friends Rather than try and sum up what Hill &… Read more »

Apricot Khaki twist dress 7

Finding new websites that cater to style-conscious women is always fun, so when I heard about Apricot, I immediately headed over to their site to check it out for myself. It’s absolutely full of hot new trends that are affordable to everyone. I particularly love that their collections are aimed at both mothers and daughters – what a wonderful idea, right? Also, the company aspires to deliver what every woman’s wardrobe needs… from well produced staples, through to limited edition and trend-led fashion pieces…. Read more »

My beauty routine

I’ve never been the sort of woman who spends vast amounts of money on beauty products. The most I ever spent was about £70 or £80 on some Clinique products that proved to be a disaster. My face came out in blotches and spots 🙁 . These days, my beauty routine consists of a few Olay products that I absolutely love. I was first introduced to Olay as a youngster. I remember my best friend’s mum used to use it and I… Read more »

Suzy in black dress

I’ve talked before about how I sometimes like to dress to hide a bloated tummy but on this occasion I found an alternative way of going about it: making a bold statement with a black bodycon dress. But not just any black bodycon dress, how about one that brings all the attention to another part of the body? Here I opted for the cleavage! With such a low-cut dress, I guessed that people’s eyes wouldn’t be looking at my tummy lol 😉  … Read more »