While wandering the streets of Lisbon earlier this week, we spotted a sign that read, ‘The Sexiest WC on Earth’. We couldn’t possibly walk by without investigating, so we paid the 1 euro entrance fee and went to spend a penny (I guess that should’ve read went to spend a euro).

Renova 6

The attendant on duty (basically she tended to the shop, because naturally there would be a shop, right?), told us we could choose whatever colour toilet paper we so desired and off we went, with loo roll in hand. I chose blue 🙂


Although relatively simple, they certainly beat the usual run of the mill public loos and the artwork on the walls certainly sexed up the place a little bit…

I must say, this is probably the weirdest blog post I’ve ever written. I mean, who writes about toilets??

I bought the most fabulous pair of blush pink brogues online from Clarks last week and when when they arrived I was absolutely delighted with them. Inspired by the gorgeous Lizzy of What Lizzy Loves, I simply couldn’t resist splashing out. After having a look through my wardrobe to see what to wear with them, I soon discovered that brogues with skinny jeans look really quite cool. Especially with turn-ups. Wouldn’t you agree?

On Sunday, I wore my pretty new brogues for the first time and I must say, I was very impressed with their comfort. But then, Clarks are pretty good where comfort is concerned. Actually, they’re almost like slippers! The brogues cost me ÂŁ48 from the UK site, however if I was to buy them on the EU site, they would have cost nearer 99 euros! So I bought them from the UK and had them delivered to Direct Transport (depot in between Porches and Armação de PĂȘra), which comes over once a week (and they old only charged a small delivery fee).

As for the rest of the outfit, I finally got my crisp white Massimo Dutti shirt out of the wardrobe – it’s one I’ve hardly ever worn on account of the fact that it is crisp and not very soft (find a similar one here). Surprisingly, I soon realised it didn’t matter, it was still comfy! My girlie grey cardigan from H&M went perfectly with it, then I added something I’ve been dying to wear but haven’t found the right outfit for them yet. These gorgeous rose gold ornate dangly ear-rings. I do love to add something totally dressy to a more casual outfit – I think it adds not only a dash of glamour, but also fun! My Marta Ponti (Portuguese designer) handbag finished off the outfit.

After doing a spot of shopping, we drove home via the most scenic route, taking in some of the most beautiful views at the foot of the Monchique mountain, including stopping to say hello to some beautiful cows. I do love watching cows, maybe because my mum used to say I have cow eyes (large and beautiful, she used to say). After stopping there, we stopped at the most stunning backdrop of yellow wildflowers. Simply beautiful, wouldn’t you agree? We really are very fortunate to live in this part of the world 🙂

Glamorous Granny24Jackie is one of those people you’ll never see without makeup or without her hair done. She’s passionate about clothes, nails, jewellery and accessories – something that hasn’t changed about her in her 70+ years. She is, without a doubt, one of the most glamorous grannies I’ve ever met. She also just happens to be my mother-in-law! Flamboyant, quirky and eccentric are all words Michael and I often use to describe her because they sum up her unique style and personality.

We have such a laugh whenever we visit (scroll through the photos above to see Jackie struggling not to laugh!), especially when we sit and chat in her amazing walk-in wardrobe, which is, in fact, a bedroom decked out with a large selection of her clothes and accessories. It’s more like walking into an over-stocked boutique.

Jackie’s quirky style has led to her designing her own sweaters which are created by a woman she met on Etsy (in Lithuania, I think). Not content with what she finds in stores, Jackie will buy a top, take it home and ‘glamourise’ it with sequins, feathers, brooches, basically anything that will bling it out and bring it up to her style. Occasionally, she will even repeat the process to handbags and boy does she have a lot of handbags. Actually, she has a lot of everything – she does love to shop – much like her daughter-in-law 😉

Unfortunately, we’re not the same size, otherwise some of the things in her wardrobe would have made their way to mine! Speaking of mine though, some of what I own – especially jewellery, are gifts from Jackie and she often gets my taste spot on. I have some beautiful items that I wear all the time (especially rings).

Another thing Jackie is always proud to show off, are her nails. Always beautifully manicured, her fingernails are always sporting some kind of bling (much like the rest of her!).

Glamorous Granny3


Glamorous granny new nails

Here’s a photo of her latest nails!


Glamorous Granny4

Like I said before, she is, without doubt, the ultimate glamorous granny.

Here’s a couple of photos of Jackie with Michael (getting up to mischief!), and one of our Christmas family photo 😀



Ferragudo is one of the Algarve’s gems. It’s a cute little town tucked situated across the water from Portimao and not far from Praia do Carvoeiro. With a multitude of typical Algarve houses and a number of local restaurants, it’s definitely somewhere worth visiting if you want to feel the real Algarve. I was there recently because it just happens to be where I go to get my hair cut and my nails done! While I was waiting to see my hair stylist, I decided to take a stroll down the riverfront at Ferragudo where I took a few pictures to show you how pretty it is…
















Most of my friends are aware that I’ve got a thing about skulls. I know it’s an odd thing to be obsessed with, but I just love them – not the real thing, mind you. I’m not that much of a nutter! I’m talking about skulls in everyday items like jewellery, clothing and household bits and pieces. Every time I see something in a shop with skulls on it, I tend to go balmy with excitement. Like this door stop, that we bought from Zara Home recently. Isn’t it fabulous?


And then there’s all the tee-shirts we have, and I use the term we, because my obsession seems to have rubbed off on Michael a little bit. In fact, he owns more skull clothes (see below) than I do! Okay, that’s probably got something to do with the fact that I always spot them in the shops and encourage him to buy them lol.

I’ve got several tops with skulls on them, although I could only find two to photograph, and I just adore them. I also own a couple of skull scarves, two necklaces (admittedly one of them I bought to wear for a fancy dress costume a few years ago – see photo right at the bottom of this post) and a pair of ear-rings. I could have sworn I had more stuff with skulls but could I find them? Nope! Oh well.

You’re probably well aware that I’m crazy about lots of things, like Harry Potter and owls. But how about you guys and gals? Do you have something you’re just nuts about? Do let me know!

Here’s me, years ago, in a fancy dress outfit (Bellatrix Lestrange) – the only time I’ve actually worn that skull necklace lol!

Fancy Dress

Trench coat16

I wouldn’t normally wear clashing patterns, sparkly shoes and a trench coat but in this week’s #IwillwearwhatIlike link up by Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb, the item of choice is the trench coat.

I haven’t worn my trench coat for years (and I mean, like eight or nine, probably) but this made me get it out of the wardrobe and air it out. It’s actually a cute coat, one that I bought from C&A yonks ago.

I didn’t want to wear it with jeans and dark colours because it would’ve looked like I’d just stepped out of December and I wanted a spring look so I delved deep into my wardrobe and pulled out these red trousers, trying on all sorts of combinations to find the right look. I must admit, I did struggle.

Then out came this blouse from last year’s Primark collection and it just seemed to work – using my sparkly Vans to add a bit of je ne sais quoi and a clashing scarf (also from Primark). The bag (bought from a market stall last week in Lagos) tied it all together. It’s an outfit I would never have thought to wear but since starting my blog almost a year ago, I’ve found that it’s encouraging me to try out new things – it’s one of the most fun things about being a style / lifestyle blogger!

Are you a blogger finding your feet in the style stakes? Are you being a bit more daring these days? I’d love to hear all about your style!

Speaking of style, I must share a picture of my gorgeous hubby (and style photographer!) Michael – who, at 43, is becoming more stylish than ever! Check out his new leather jacket that he bought from Massimo Dutti. Neat huh?

Trench coat

As always, we tried to find a beautiful location to shoot photos and we lucked out on this one with all the gorgeous yellow flowers. It’s almost like I styled my outfit around the location! It’s down one of the back roads from Portimao towards Monchique, not far from where we live. I’m such a lucky gal 🙂


Not Dressed as Lamb

Harry Potter tee15

On Monday I told you about my Ministry of Magic Harry Potter tee that I wore with khaki wide-legged pants but today I wanted to show you my other Harry Potter tee – a Gryffindor tee that I bought from Universal Studios in Florida a couple of years ago! It’s like a double whammy for me because not only is it a Harry Potter tee (!), but it’s also striped and I’m sure you’re well aware of my love of stripes by now!

Harry Potter tee6

I wore it with a simple pair of denim culottes, an item I never thought I’d wear because I was unsure about them. But then I found these in the Pull & Bear sale for about 7 euros (!) and I thought it would be silly not to really. I’m glad I did because they’re actually a really fun addition to my wardrobe. I loved wearing them with my grey converse and they’re great for the warmer weather too.

I added a simple H&M blue cardigan to take the edge off when the sea breeze blew in, a pair of black hoop ear-rings, my absolute favourite rock chick ring (given to me by my lovely mother-in-law) and my trusty Knomo handbag and headed out to lunch with Michael and friends. In case you missed it, we had the most fabulous meal at A Tasca do Kiko in Lagos – I’d highly recommend it if you happen to be in the area!

Do you have any favourite graphic tees? Are you obsessed about certain books and/or movies and just have to own clothes to represent them? Not only do I have these two Harry Potter tees, but I also have two pairs of Harry Potter PJs AND my very own wand! I’m Harry Potter mad 😀

A Tasca do Kiko27A Tasca do Kiko has some of the best tapas in the Algarve. Situated right behind the boatyard in Lagos, this place is amazing. You’d never guess from the outside that this little restaurant is a haven for food lovers everywhere.

We had lunch there with friends last weekend and had the most sumptuous meal between us. Choosing items from the tapas menu, we thoroughly enjoyed every last bite. Some of the deliciousness on offer included the most enormous mussels, octopus salad, squid, lamb meatballs, goats cheese salad, garlic mushrooms, fish cakes and more. I washed mine down with a refreshing glass of white wine while my companions stuck with soft drinks, followed by a couple of desserts – carob and sweet potato tart (mmmmmm) and a couple of scoops of ice cream, then coffee! We paid about 85 euros for it all. Not bad for the four of us, considering how blooming delicious it all was.

We also visited A Tasca do Kiko last June for our wedding anniversary and it was equally good then too. I’m so glad we found this place – it really is one of Lagos’ best-kept secrets. Well, not anymore! Apparently, with the summer coming up, it’s a good idea to book a table before heading over there, so if you do fancy a totally fabulous lunch, give them a ring and reserve your spot now. Find them on TripAdvisor. You won’t be disappointed!

Oh, and because it’s located right behind the boatyard, it’s really lovely getting to see some boats up close and personal!

A Tasca do Kiko19

Khaki wide legged pants4As I’m sure you’re well aware by now, I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. But why am I talking about Harry Potter when this is clearly a style post? Well, if you look closely at my graphic tee, you’ll see that it isn’t just any graphic tee – it’s a special Ministry of Magic graphic tee! Isn’t it fabulous?! I bought it the day after my 40th birthday when we visited the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio near Watford. I love gold intertwined into certain items of clothing and the gold of the writing really appealed to me.

Khaki wide legged pants15


One of my favourite colours is khaki – I don’t know what it is about it that I love so much but for clothes, I just can’t resist it. I bought these wide legged trousers last week from Primark for about ten euros. They’re light-weight and super comfortable and will be even more perfect for the summer heat (when it eventually arrives – it’s very late this year. As I write, I’m freezing cold indoors while it pours down with rain outside, bummer!). I can’t wait to try them with some of my hot weather tops – strappy, vests, blouses, I think they’ll go with just about everything so be prepared to see them quite a lot this year. I’ll probably nip back to Primark and get them in another colour. If I remember correctly, they also came in navy – another favourite colour of mine.

I would never have thought to have teamed these trousers with this Ministry of Magic graphic tee and yellow cardigan but when I put them on, I was surprised it all came together so well. It’s now one of my favourite outfits! Although I must admit the trousers are a tad long to go with my converse. I’ve thought about hemming them, but then they’ll be too short for my summer wedges. Aaargh… decisions, decisions! Mind you, for ten euros, maybe I should just buy another pair and keep one long and the other shorter lol!

This isn’t my only Harry Potter tee though, I have another which I’ll share with you on Friday! See how excited I am? …

Khaki wide legged pants17


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This is now one of my favourite distressed items of furniture in our house. Last week, we transformed it from a simple trunk to a distressed coffee table and I think it looks absolutely fabulous.

Distressed Trunk4

I’ve always wanted to use a trunk as a coffee table because I love the duality of it, the fact that it’s all neat and tidy on the outside and can hide lots of messy stuff inside. For example, Michael is obsessed with driftwood (a perfectly good thing to be obsessed with, I suppose) and he’s collected loads from the west coast but where do we store it? In the trunk… yay!! (see final photo).

It was an easy job to distress, just like we did the armoire and the bedside tables, we (the royal ‘we’ – he did all the work, I just helped carry it inside and then took photos lol!), simply cleaned it up and dusted it down before painting it with the fabulous Annie Sloan chalk paint (that we bought from True Colors in Carvoeiro). We then left it to dry overnight (although it doesn’t actually take that long to dry), and then painted another colour on top. Once that was dry, all it took was a little rub down (in certain areas) with a little sandpaper et voila! It’s beautiful (perfect considering what’s inside) and stylish. I love it!

Driftwood storage

Driftwood storage