Lagoa Graffiti Art

I love this outfit, mainly blue and a denim waistcoat with a pop of yellow. When I put it together, it made me smile. So when Michael walked in and said I looked ‘different’ I wasn’t quite sure how to take it. Especially as I was hormonal at the time! But whether or not he liked it, I wasn’t bothered because I liked it and that’s all that really matters, right? I think perhaps I’m feeling a little rebellious at… Read more »

Blue outfit in Sagres18

Last week we took a drive down to the most south western town of the Algarve. Sagres is probably the most chilled out place I know. With a spectacular beach and some lovely little eateries, it’s somewhere every visitor should check out. Located far west of Lagos, Sagres is full of surfers and beach-goers looking for the ultimate wave or just a beautiful patch of sand on which to chill out. We stopped for a morning drink in a lovely little… Read more »

Gold and black4

Black and gold – one of the best colour combinations, wouldn’t you agree? Which is why I just had to buy this black and gold top from Massimo Dutti last week. You can’t see in the image above, but the blouse has a fine gold stripe throughout (see below). So I added a few gold accessories (handbag, earrings, watch and ring!) when we went out for an Indian meal at the weekend. As you know, I’m a huge fan of… Read more »

French Connection Summer Sale

I am, always have been, and always will be a sucker for a good sale. I love bargain hunting, which is why I love the summer sales. It’s always possible to pick up a great bargain at this time of the year. And this summer is no different. I subscribe to a lot of online stores newsletters and this week I received a whole host of emails about the latest and greatest discounts and so I thought I’d share them… Read more »

Tomato and onion broth

When I fancy something simple for lunch, or if I’m not feeling too great, my go-to dish is always this simple tomato and onion broth with a poached egg. It’s the easiest and quickest recipe ever, and tastes really good. I’m sure you know by now that I love simple food. Uncomplicated recipes are sometimes the most delicious and certainly the ones I prefer to prepare. If you haven’t been following the blog, here are links to some examples: Baked Greek… Read more »

Vintage Fashion

Last week I had the privilege of doing a vintage fashion shoot with a very beautiful friend of mine. Lizzie Griffiths has been featured on the blog once before, when I interviewed her about her fabulous style and dramatic weight loss. This time, however, it was all about vintage fashion and her passion for it, which certainly showed through in these photos!   Primarily featuring vintage fashion with a distinctive 70s flair, Lizzie proves that vintage can look simply amazing. Even something that… Read more »

Suzy Yoga

  I love yoga. It’s a passion of mine that’s been developing over the past couple of years and one which is only getting stronger with the passage of time. Unfortunately, due to an ongoing back injury, my yoga journey was put on hold for a few months last year (and then again for about a month in December/January) but I yearned for it when I wasn’t able to do it. Thankfully, now I understand where the weakness in my back is stemming… Read more »

Nautical Look12

I love stripes, and I love a simple nautical look so when I saw these summer trousers for sale in Primark, I couldn’t resist. They’re so comfy, like pyjamas, yet perfect for a stroll down to the beach. Teamed with a simple navy vest from Quebramar, this was a great outfit for a Sunday morning stroll followed by a cup of coffee at Casa Inglesa in Portimao. For our little stroll, we actually discovered this gorgeous spot, Praia do Molhe, which… Read more »

Luar da Foia6

One of our favourite restaurants in the Algarve is one which isn’t too far from home. Not only is Luar da Foia in a prime spot for far reaching views across the Algarve, but it also serves the best meat on the mountain! Most definitely a meat-eaters paradise, Luar da Foia is situated between the town of Monchique and the mountain peak of Foia. During the warmer months, the best spot to dine is most definitely out on the terrace… Read more »

Print Trousers7

I bought these wide-legged printed trousers last year from Bershka. I just loved their ethnic vibe the second I laid eyes on them. Plus they’e a bit different from my usual jeans, so it makes a nice change! They’re also perfect for the warmer weather as the fabric is quite thin. I really think that this is the perfect summer evening outfit. I wore them for an evening out to a friend’s house for dinner (a yummy bbq) last weekend… Read more »