The other day we were driving through the lovely old town of Silves, en-route to dinner, when hubby decided to stop and show me one of the old pretty buildings in the town. Whilst there, it seemed a waste of a pretty location not to take some outfit shots. Especially as the light was so beautiful and soft (which is always a plus for us 40+ bloggers, right?). Old pretty buildings Regarding the old building, it was the roof line… Read more »

New glasses

Last week I had an eye test. It was my first in about two to three years and one I was desperately in need of. But I’ll tell you more about that on Friday. For the moment, suffice to say that I have new glasses, and here they are! Not the best photos, I admit. I’ve just realised that having my hair completely off my face doesn’t do me any justice. But at least I was a little cooler with… Read more »

Polka dots

A couple of nights ago, we went out for a meal with friends to our local restaurant and it was still super hot in the evening. I struggled to find something to wear so I ended up with this long flowing skirt and a cute cotton vest top with polka dots on it. I think long flowing skirts are the ideal thing to wear when it’s hot. I’d have preferred one in a brighter colour but black is all I… Read more »

I’m so excited about my life right now. There’s so much going on – both with my home life and my career. Regarding my career though, I am actually starting to feel like an entrepreneur. Coincidentally, just a couple of weeks after I started feeling this way, I came across the Female Entrepreneur Week and it felt like fate had brought us together! NLP You may already know that I’m an author, having self published twelve novels. I’m also a yoga… Read more »

Blue jumpsuit

I don’t have many jumpsuits. Actually, I only have two – this blue jumpsuit and a colourful one I wore on the blog a couple of years ago. I really ought to buy a few more. Not only are they flattering and perfect for the intense summer heat here in the Algarve, they’re also very comfortable. This blue jumpsuit particularly so. Bargain Would you believe I bought it from Primark in the sale, no less? It was only about 5… Read more »


Living in the Algarve, light summer clothes are crucial to beat the heat at this time of year. It gets super hot here and there’s nothing worse than heavy clothing. So imagine my delight at getting the opportunity to choose a few items from Bonmarche’s latest swim and beachwear range. Purple Swimsuit This gorgeous purple swimsuit was my number one choice. I’ve admired this style for a while. I love the way the rouched front hides a multitude of sins around… Read more »

Pink and blue

I love pink and blue together. It’s such a fun colour combination that always works, regardless of what shade. My particular favourite shade of pink is fuchsia – the brighter the better! And it’s always been a colour that works with my skin tone – unlike the paler shades of pink that often wash me out. Dark blue, light blue, baby blue, midnight blue, navy – they all go well with fuchsia. Last week when we popped out for a… Read more »

Salsa Jeans

Last week, hubby and I popped into our local Salsa jeans shop for a browse. To be honest, we usually avoid it because it is quite pricey – at least 80 euros for a pair of jeans. But hubby was on a mission on the look out for a pair of grey jeans and he hadn’t found any in his usual hunting grounds so we figured we’d give it a look-see. We left having spent over 200 euros! We were surprised to discover that Salsa… Read more »

Yoga Music

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve finally started teaching yoga and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing that I’m helping people through yoga. Although my little yoga studio is teeny (it fits only two students and myself, comfortably), I’m also available for home visits (only in the western Algarve, that is!). Whether you’re eight, eighteen or eighty, yoga is amazingly beneficial for you, regardless of your weight, flexibility or general ability. It’s something I’d recommend for absolutely… Read more »

Hypnotherapy Algarve

Have you ever thought about having hypnotherapy but dismissed it because of some silly pre-conceived notion about being hypnotised with a pocket watch? Well, I can assure you it’s really nothing like that… not at all! I’d like to introduce you to someone who does the real thing – uses hypnotherapy to truly help people. Pedro Frias has been a friend of mine for the past five years, but it’s only within the past year or so that he’s finally found… Read more »