brownsfamilyjewellers5SPONSORED POST 2I’ve always been a huge fan of chokers. I used to wear them a lot when I was a teenager. As I was a bit of a goth, they were mostly black and mostly quite tight around the neck. Now though, although I still have a few, I don’t where them so often, not because I don’t like them, but because I prefer necklaces that aren’t quite so snug fitting around that part of my body. When I was recently contacted by Browns Family Jewellers to collaborate with them, I was delighted to receive this stunning silver and copper choker pendant to style. Not only is it incredibly pretty and light, it’s quite delicate so would look lovely with a whole host of outfits (I’ve already got lots planned for the future!).


The funny thing is, one of my favourite ‘metals’ at the moment is copper. I absolutely love it and have been trying to find ways to incorporate it into my decor 🙂 . I never even thought to look for jewellery containing copper. Perhaps someone at Browns Family Jewellers is a bit psychic? 😉


But seriously, when I opened the package and saw this choker pendant for the first time, I think my heard skipped a little beat. It’s definitely my new favourite necklace and I can’t wait to style it with some other pieces in my wardrobe. If I make the choker a little shorter, it’ll look fab with a white shirt, don’t you think?


If I’d have seen this in a shop, I would have wanted it there and then. And you can do just that, because, at £27.50, it’s affordable for most pockets. It’d make a perfect Christmas gift for a loved one too. I know, I know, it’s only September but now’s the time to start thinking about Christmas gifts to avoid that last minute crisis, that, let’s face it, most of us end up having.



I must say, I was rather chuffed to have been contacted by Browns Family Jewellers, because they’re a leading high street jewellers based in Yorkshire. And being a Yorkshire lass myself, I just love anything and everything to do with that neck of the woods. I really do enjoy supporting companies from my roots 😀


Not only do Browns Family Jewellers have six well established stores throughout Yorkshire, but they also have a fabulous online destination where you can peruse some of the beautiful new and vintage jewellery from a few pounds to a few thousands pounds. They also have a great blog with heaps of advice about wearing jewellery. I would definitely recommend you save the Browns Family Jewellers site into your favourites!

I’m actually going to be visiting Harrogate (for the first time ever) in December and hope to pop in and see Browns for myself. And, because it’ll be the day after my 41st birthday, perhaps hubby will even splash out on something special for me 😉

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