Suzy-Tea-dress-2I used to visit thrift shops quite often with one of my best friends before she moved back to England. Lately though, not so much. It’s just not the same without her. She always seems to find real gems – like the most beautiful Rebecca Minkov dress that now hangs proudly in her wardrobe. She often emails me whenever she’s found something amazing in the same type of shops back in the UK (they are much better there than here) and I’m always envious! I’m looking forward to rifling through her wardrobe when we visit later this year.



Speaking of rifling, a couple of weeks ago I had the urge to go and rifle through a couple of our local thrift shops and was amazed to come out with a few gorgeous finds – one of which is this cute little tea dress which I fell in love with immediately. I love the colours, the pattern and the collar and figured it would be perfect for the warmer weather with a pair of sandals. I hadn’t thought at the time that it would also look cute with my Converse or Doc Martens! I’m loving both of these outfits! Above, I wore it with my favourite Doc Martens boots and Massimo Dutti leather jacket. Below with my grey Converse, my to-die-for Zatchel and brand new Alain Afflelou sun-glasses that I purchased this weekend (buy one pair for 39 euros and get the second for 1 euro! Needless to say, I snapped them up!)



I had thought when I put the dress on that it might need a belt – I think I was probably right. Unfortunately belts are one of those things I struggle with. I’m never quite sure how to wear them. I can style wide elasticated ones but the thinner ones, not so much. I’m really looking forward to my stylish pal Lizzie’s visit next month – she’s the belt queen!


Are you obsessed with thrift or vintage shops? Sadly, there’s no vintage shops that I’m aware of here (if you know any different, please let me know!). What’s your latest find? Anything great? Do tell 🙂




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