Denim skirt

Get ready folks… put your sunglasses on because I’ve got my legs out and they’ll blind you otherwise! For someone who lives in a warm climate, my legs are ridiculously white… almost translucent. But last weekend, I decided it was time to get them out, so I put my denim skirt on and went for a drive in the country with hubby.


In the hills and valleys of the beautiful area known as Odelouca, we found this gorgeous little spot where a stream welcomed a multitude of storks and other animals (we could hear them but didn’t see any other creatures though!). Although the wind was a tiny bit chilly, the glorious sun made for a beautiful day with blue skies and the odd fluffy cloud. I’m so lucky to be living in this part of the world.

Denim skirt

Denim skirt

Denim skirt

I chose this denim skirt (from Modalfa) because I’m not quite ready for shorts yet and you know how I’m obsessed with denim so it seemed the natural progression lol. I must say, I’m not a huge fan of this skirt though because I’m always having to pull it down. It was driving me mad! I guess I need to find one that fits a bit better?


Denim skirt

The stripey top is from Quebramar, one of hubby’s favourite shops. It’s kind of a ‘boating’ style shop, selling all kinds of clothes suitable for those that enjoy spending time on the water. We’ve both got quite a few tops from there, mostly polo-style but it’s a great place for good quality clothes. I loved this top as soon as I spotted it – probably the stripes!

Red shoes

Denim skirt

You’re probably wondering about the red shoes. They’re fab, aren’t they? I’ve had them years and years and they’re still in great condition. I got them from Clarks so needless to say they’re super comfortable and very supportive underfoot (they’re Active Air). I love the cross-over straps, I think they add that little bit of fun, don’t you think? They’re a great alternative to sneakers, with their rubber soles too.

Denim skirt

You might remember me telling you about this handbag that I bought in a popular leather shop in my hometown here in the Algarve. After I paid 70 euros for it, I got it home only to discover it’s not even leather! But I do love it so I kept it lol.

Denim skirt


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  • Living on Cloud Nine

    And those legs are looking’ good!!!! LOVE this fun, preppy outfit. Stylish and chic and perfect for a day taking in the beautiful scenery!!! Looking beautiful Suzy!!

    • LOL thanks Andrea! I guess I just need to get a tan 😉
      Suzy xx

  • So cute Suzy! Love the Clarks as they are one of my favorite brands too. I am looking for a jean skir myself and you look great in this fun outfit! The bag is lovely and you wouldnt know it wasnt leather!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • Thanks so much Jess! I shall look forward to seeing what denim skirt you find 😀
      Suzy xx

  • A least your lucky enough to sport those pins in some good weather Suzy! It’s nearly in the minus here in London!
    The legs look good to me & I’m sure they will soon be golden. The denim skirt and T-shirt are a perfect classic combo. I think a denim skirt is a great piece of kit that will never date. Enjoy your sun!

    • Thanks so much Laurie! Although it’s cold and raining today… much more like the UK (or maybe not).
      Suzy xxx

  • Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style

  • I promise you, my legs are whiter…I need to get some fake tan on them! The denim skirt and striped top is a great combination. It looks lovely where you took the photos. Thanks for linking up 🙂

    Emma xxx

    • LOL They must be seriously WHITE if they’re worse than mine, Emma!! Thanks for stopping by!
      Suzy x