I thought today I might tell you little bit more about myself, considering I’ve started afresh with a brand new website (having left all of my old stuff back with weebly and blogger!).

I’ve lived in Portugal for almost 30 years. Originally from England, I left Ol’ Blighty behind when I was ten years old. Not alone, of course, ¬†my family came too ūüėČ . I had such an unusual start to my teens considering I had been brought up in a small English town surrounded by English people. I was used to the rain and the dreary weather, as well as being able to walk up the road to my friend’s house. Once in Portugal though, I was in for a huge culture shock. I mean, for a start it was almost always sunny and everyone was foreign (of course). For a ten year old, this came as a bit of a shock though. I couldn’t walk to my friend’s houses anymore. I went to an international school where we all travelled the length of the Algarve to get there. It was quite lonely at first but I soon got used to it, learning the language and coming to terms with the heat (I still don’t like it so much, especially July and August). As I got slightly older, I found a fabulous group of friends in my nearest town and we’d hang out and have fun – doing stuff young teens shouldn’t really be doing (drinking, smoking, clubbing, etc). But back then, nobody ever asked how old we were – just about anyone could buy booze and cigarettes. It shocks me now when I think back.

WeddingWe hung out with so many different guys holidaying in the area – a hell of a lot¬†of kissing went on back then! But then, on my¬†16th birthday I met him. The One (if you believe in that kind of thing). ¬†And everything changed. He was totally cute, three years older than me and he drove a motorbike! I was totally smitten and so was he. We were¬†married six years later. This month¬†we’ll be celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary and we’re still as loved up as we were back then. Sure we’ve had our ups and downs, but we know we’re perfect for each other and it really is wonderful to have grown up with the man of my dreams.