SN & N OpticiansWhen something really impresses me, I like nothing more than to give credit where it’s due. Which is why this post is all about SN & N Opticians in Lagos (Algarve). Usually, when my eyes need testing, I put it off and go to Specsavers in England. But recently, I was getting the most awful headaches behind my eyes and I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer so I asked a couple of local friends for their recommendations. One such recommendation came in the form of SN & N Opticians in Lagos. After having my eyes tested there, I wish I’d gone sooner! I should mention here that this is NOT a sponsored post – I just wanted to spread the word about such a great service.

SN & N Opticians

SN & N Opticians

My first eye test (in my early 20s) was performed by a Spanish man. Due to his strong accent, I could barely understand a word he said. Needless to say, I’m sure I left there with the wrong prescription! Most of the staff at SN & N Opticians, however, are British. My eye test, which cost just 25 euros, was more thorough than any I’ve had before.

SN & N Opticians

It also showed that I have two issues – a slight astigmatism in one eye as well as something called Latent Hyperopia (something to do with the muscles behind the eye working far too hard). Neither of which are anything to really worry about. It just means that I should now wear glasses full time.

Hacket Bespoke

So, after a good half an hour (it might have been more like an hour!) of perusing the store’s frames, I finally chose my favourite. I went with the ones that not only ‘felt’ right, but also looked good too. It wasn’t until after I chose that I realised I’d picked one of the most expensive frames in the shop. They’re Hacket Bespoke, and I just love them! Luckily, SN & N Opticians were able to get my glasses ready the following day which was brilliant considering my headache at the time. You’ll recognise this picture (below) from my last post but it’s the best one to show off my new glasses.

SN & N Opticians


I also ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses which would take about two weeks to be ready. I’m off to Lagos this morning to collect them so I’ll show you those in an upcoming post, I’m sure!

SN & N Opticians

Highly recommended

I’m absolutely delighted to have found SN & N Opticians in Lagos, which means I can finally give up having my eyes tested in the UK. If you live in the Algarve and need to have your eyes looked at, I highly recommend this place. Excellent, friendly service, all English speaking, a great choice of frames and in an easy location to find and park, what’s not to love?

SN & N Opticians


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2 thoughts on “A wonderful new discovery: SN & N Opticians in Lagos

  1. Gail Hanlon

    I love your new glasses, and it always seems such a wonderful luxury to me to have prescription sunglasses. I gave up on Specsavers a long time ago – I get regular checks at opticians but it’s cheaper to buy my contact lenses online. Specsavers didn’t like this (even though I was paying for my check up) and the optician in Swindon, where I lived at the time, was extremely rude. So I’m currently going to Boots who seem very good.

    1. Suzy Turner
      Suzy Turner

      Thanks Gail! I’m always shocked when people in the service industry are so rude to their clients. Sadly, it happens quite a lot over here in Portugal! I’m glad you found a good service in Boots though 🙂
      Suzy xx

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