Suzy-and-Michael-get-hitchedThe fabulous Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb had a really fun idea for us style bloggers to share photos of ourselves wearing our wedding dresses today… regardless of how many years it’s been since we’d tied the knot. Sadly I no longer have my wedding dress because it never actually belonged to me in the first place (it was borrowed from my late step-mother-in-law’s niece!) so I can’t show you if it still fits or not. Catherine therefore suggested those of us who no longer have our dresses, to simply post a picture of our wedding dress from the big day instead. So here’s mine.


It was the summer of 1998 when I was a 22-year-old bride marrying the man of my dreams in a ceremony at Praia da Luz church in the western Algarve (the ceremony was actually a blessing as we’d officially tied the knot in Gibraltar a week earlier – unfortunately I didn’t keep that dress either).
Seventeen years later and we’re still completely and totally loved up!


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      Suzy Turner

      Awww thanks Yvonne! We didn’t actually get married on the beach… these were just the photos afterwards. The church stood right next to it so it seemed the right thing to do! I’d have preferred a nice castle though lol!!
      Suzy x

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