If you read my post yesterday about Woolovers, then you’ll know that I wanted to spread my joy about them over two days. So here I am with the second Woolovers Merino teal sweater I chose from one of my new favourite sites.

It’s a cashmere and merino cable crew neck jumper in teal marl, according to the site. And I must say, I love it! I’m wearing it as I write and I can’t believe how comfortable I am. It’s not tight fitting which is awesome (especially with the Christmas festivities coming up). And I love that it has nice long arms so my wrists won’t get chilly! I just know this top is going to get loads of wear… especially on holiday! Which is just a few weeks away now and I can’t wait. I’m super excited 😀

But anyway, back to my outfit, like yesterday’s I wanted to keep it simple so the jumper could speak for itself. Therefore, I teamed it with tight black trousers and black ankle boots. My coat is one I bought about five years ago, and to be honest it doesn’t get much of an airing. I neglected to take a decent photo of it – because I was trying to concentrate on the Woolovers sweater instead!

Chic and classic

As for my jewellery, I’m keeping it simple, chic and classic. This necklace and earring set was a gift from my mother-in-law. Lovely, isn’t it?

If you’re wondering why I’m giggling in the top photo, it’s because every now and again when hubby is taking my photo, he pulls the camera away from his face and it looks like he has one enormous eye! A bit like that guy in that film…. oh what was it called? Hmm….Oh I know… Igor from Young Frankenstein!! LOL…. look it up 😉


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16 thoughts on “Another new favourite: Woolovers Merino teal sweater

    1. Suzy Turner
  1. Rena

    Very pretty. The color of your sweater is beautiful and flatters you well. The whole outfit is fabulous and the photos are fantastic. Thank you for sharing your styling ideas and for joining my Fine-Whatever link up. I hope that you’re having a wonderful weekend.


    1. Suzy Turner
    1. Suzy Turner
    1. Suzy Turner
  2. Shelbee on the Edge

    Suzy, that first photo is classic! And I love the Igor reference. So funny. This teal color is beautiful on you. There is nothing better than a cozy soft wool sweater for the cooler months. Now I need to go find my super soft cashmere vee neck that is hiding away somewhere. Thanks so much for linking up with me and #SpreadingTheKindness!


    1. Suzy Turner
      Suzy Turner

      Thank you so much, Shelbee! The Igor thing really makes me laugh…. he’s done it a couple of times but this time I just couldn’t stop giggling!
      Suzy xxx

    1. Suzy Turner
    1. Suzy Turner
    1. Suzy Turner

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