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The trusty denim jacket. It’s one of my favourite wardrobe staples that I know I can always rely on. It can be worn with so many things and look cool. Long skirts, short skirts, midi skirts, combats, leggings, jeans, girlie dresses, posh dresses and so on. It literally can be worn with just about anything.

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Yesterday we popped out for a cup of tea (due to health reasons, I’ve drastically reduced my intake of coffee) to one of our favourite places in Portimão, Pastelaria Arade (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen some of their yummy cakes, below).

Mmmmmm traditional cakes at Pastelaria Arade in Portimao, Algarve

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Nearby, is a lovely little square with a water fountain, benches and some pretty trees. It’s also just in front of the Tempo Theatre. There’s also a little (very basic) open-air cafe which has been there for decades. When we first moved to Portugal (when I was ten years old), we used to go there every once in a while. On one occasion I remember having a drink there before toddling off with my family as we wandered through the streets of Portimão for a morning jaunt. I couldn’t believe it when a good ten minutes later, the waiter had tracked us down – carrying my little red handbag! I’d stupidly left it behind and he’d come running after us. So sweet. That waiter still works there, 30 years later. And I never stupidly left my handbag behind anywhere again. Rolls eyes.

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Anyway, back to the square. It was the perfect setting to shoot a few photos of me in my favourite denim jacket. A denim jacket I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I bought from Primark.

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When I was on the hunt for a decent denim jacket a few years ago, I tried on every single one in every clothes store in Aqua (my local shopping centre) but the one I liked the best – for fit and style, just happened to be the cheapest! I actually wear it a lot – you might have recognised it from when I wore it with my animal print scarf recently, or my gorgeous black lace dress.) I also have another denim jacket in a darker colour (also from Primark) that I wore with my combats some weeks ago.
Stupidly I never even thought to look online (Duh!) but I’ve since had a mosey around and found some absolute gorgeous ones, like this white one from Boden. I mean, it’s white and so perfect for the summer, especially for living here in the Algarve. I just might have to treat myself 😉 Since writing that last sentence, I’ve had a ‘wander’ around House of Fraser and found a whole host of goodies! I could quite easily spend a fortune on denim jackets alone. Check this stunning biker denim jacket out. It’s to die for, right?

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But yesterday I was in the mood for a simple white tee and converse. I also wanted to prove to you that, occasionally, I do get my legs out, so I opted for this black skirt which in the years I’ve owned it, has probably only been worn twice! I love its’ uneven hemline, which certainly gives it a bit of extra something. I really ought to wear it more often. There’s a similar asymmetrical black skirt available at House of Fraser (can you tell I’m now going mad about them now? LOL!)

Denim Jacket

The bag is from Portuguese designer Marta Ponti who I’m a big fan of (I own three of her leather handbags) although I would have preferred a red one with this outfit – but (believe it or not), I don’t actually own a decent red handbag! I really must remedy that situation…..


Converse: Schuh Blue Denim Jacket: House of Fraser White Denim Jacket: Boden Black Skirt: House of Fraser Black handbag: House of Fraser


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  1. Elizabeth Seckman

    I see you’re also sporting the classic white tee also. I go through a lot of white tees!

    Lovely as always! Coffee will sometimes upset my stomach and I rely on tea. Love them both, so either will do.

    1. Suzy Turner
      Suzy Turner

      I’ve actually only got one decent white tee, Elizabeth! I really should find somewhere that does decent ones and buy a few. I love them, they’re so versatile (just like the jacket!). I cut down on the coffee because I had the most severe palpitations that almost made me pass out. It was really scary 🙁
      Suzy xx

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    1. Suzy Turner
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