I’ve never been a huge florals person, but this floral tee caught my eye a few weeks ago and it kind of appealed to me. Initially, I thought it was a little ‘old’ for me, which made me laugh when I thought about it. In my early twenties, I wouldn’t have given it a second glance, but now I thought perhaps I could carry it off.

Floral tee

Isn’t it funny, how certain styles look different to us at different stages in our lives? I bought it from C&A which in itself is known for its appeal to an older woman. But these days when I go shopping, I force myself to try on things that I wouldn’t ordinarily wear – that’s how I find little pieces that turn out to be real diamonds in the rough (like this floral tee for instance)

Floral tee

It reminded me of my late step-mother-in-law. I knew it would’ve appealed to her and that’s why I thought it might be a little ‘old’ for me. Silly, really, because it’s a gorgeous top. The colours are striking, and the print is divine. So why shouldn’t it be suitable for a woman of any age?

Floral tee

Anyway, I bought it (after putting it back on the rail a couple of times lol) and wore it with my skinny Salsa jeans to go out for a bite to eat with hubby. Being really daring (!), I figured my floral heels would be a fun addition. They’re a similar print which I thought might be a bit much, but because they’re ‘split up’ by my dark jeans, I actually think it really worked. I felt pretty good in this outfit and that’s what matters, right?


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2 thoughts on “Floral tee: from ‘no way’ to ‘yes please’ – when age affects style choices

  1. Living on Cloud Nine

    Oh sweet friend, I am with you 100%! On a recent shopping trip I found myself going darn I’m too old for that or darn I could’ve pulled that off in my 20s! But sometimes you just got to take a chance and it’s those kinds of pieces that I end up getting the most compliments on and let me tell you what, this floral looks amazing on you not to mention those hot jeans and super fun heels! You look stunning and completely ageless my gorgeous friend!

    1. Suzy Turner

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