Salsa Jeans

Last week, hubby and I popped into our local Salsa jeans shop for a browse. To be honest, we usually avoid it because it is quite pricey – at least 80 euros for a pair of jeans. But hubby was on a mission on the look out for a pair of grey jeans and he hadn’t found any in his usual hunting grounds so we figured we’d give it a look-see. We left having spent over 200 euros! We were surprised to discover that Salsa is actually a Portuguese brand with stores worldwide. Sadly they don’t have any shops in the UK just yet but their product can be found in department stores like House of Fraser apparently.

Buying from Salsa Jeans

Hubby found a grey pair and a blue pair and I found his gorgeous dark blue pair with a high waist (my favourite style of skinny jeans). They also claim to lift the bum too which is a bit of a bonus lol (see below)…

Salsa Jeans

I must say, I’m super impressed with Salsa jeans. Not only are they very comfortable (with a good amount of stretch), they also feel gorgeous and soft as well as being quite slimming. I popped into the Salsa jeans shop once before but I was put off because the sales assistants barely waited for me to walk in before pouncing on me. I hate that.

This time though, they were better. However, once we’d started trying jeans on, one of the assistants took it on herself to start bringing in almost every single top in the store to the changing room! It took her a while to take the hint that I wasn’t interested. We got a free beach towel though. Oh, that reminds me. The same shop assistant then proceeded to try and convince me to buy a second pair of jeans so we could get a second free beach towel!! ‘No, no, no, no’, I shouted (silently in my head).

I wore my Salsa jeans to dinner and a tango show in Lagos the other night. We had such a fun evening with friends but it was really chilly later on. I’m glad I had this grey cardigan with me! I bought it a few years ago and it’s become a handy wardrobe staple.

Salsa Jeans

Raging hormones

But getting dressed to go out the other night was a pain in the ass… knowing that I was a bit hormonal, hubby suggested I start getting ready earlier than usual (he knows me so well) which I duly did. I tried on every top in my wardrobe until I settled on the perfect black top. I should add, it wasn’t the one here! It was a black tee/blouse with lace edging. Very cute. I felt good in it. Until I noticed it had a hole in it. Grrrrrrrrr.

Why does this keep happening to me? So many of my favourite tops end up with moth-eaten holes in them. It drives me totally insane. If you have any advice on how to stop it, please do tell! After I finally decided on this top, we headed out. Only then did I notice this too has a tiny hole in it. OMG. By then, I couldn’t care less. Hormones!Salsa jeans

The funky necklace looked much better with the other black top (which had a wide v-neck) but what could I do? Anyway, I bought the necklace a few years ago from Pull & Bear. It’s fun, isn’t it? I thought the simple blue chain bracelet goes well with it too (goes with the dark blue Salsa jeans as well 😉 ) I’m also wearing one of my favourite rings here too. It was a gift from my late father-in-law and his late wife. They bought it for me from Goa many years ago – and apparently they were ripped off (which my father-in-law used to love telling me!). Please ignore my nails – I had intended to paint them but what with me trying on everything in my wardrobe, I ran out of time!

Salsa Jeans

Salsa Jeans

Blue mascara

Now I know this photo (below) is pretty awful but it’s the best one to show you my blue mascara! Ever since I watched Tyra Banks tell her audience (during her talk show a few years back) that blue mascara is great for every woman, I can’t get enough of it. I think it’s super flattering and also fun, right?! I bought this one from our local Jumbo supermarket. It was really cheap and it’s such a vibrant colour. I love it.

Salsa Jeans

Salsa Jeans

And here’s yet another handbag given to me by my mother-in-law Jackie. I love the colour and the shape and I thought it went quite well with my current favourite pair of shoes (they’re super comfy, like slippers).

Being a poser 😉

Salsa Jeans

I’m such a poser here, right? It’s the only photo which really showed the shoes! But I do like it 😉 The shoes, btw, are still available to buy from the Guimaraes shoe shop and they’re on sale! You can find them online here too. I don’t know if they deliver abroad but they’re so worth buying. I LOVE them 😉

Salsa Jeans

Salsa Jeans


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  • The jeans look great! It’s fantastic when you find jeans that you love. I’ve always been a fan of blue and purple mascara but sometimes it’s hard to find. Gail

    • Thanks Gail! I just wish they were a bit cheaper lol!
      Suzy xx

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Great jeans and great look all around! So, true story, in the late 80’s my girlfriends and I would put steaks of blue mascara in our bangs, lol. I still love it to this day, only in eyes and yours look beautiful!

    • LOL yes I remember using blue mascara in my hair too! It was great fun!
      Thanks Andrea <3 xx

  • Katherine Hayward

    Everything looks gorgeous. Love the bag, too! I know of a Salsa shop 15 mins away from me in Madrid- just like you, I had never been . Still would like to go now I have seen your jeans. Usually go straight past it. They seem like the colour that’ll go with everything 🙂 They cost the same as Levis in a department store here, although in the official store, Levis are over 100€ for most styles. Hope the jeans are comfy. I still have money left from my birthday just before Christmas last year. Pull & Bear is good, too- my sister loves that shop!

    • Thank you so much Katherine! Levi’s are so expensive too, right? I do have a couple of pairs that I love though – but I bought them from the US so they were much cheaper!
      Suzy xx

  • Mummabstylish Mummabstylish

    Suzy, these are wonderful photos, loving the bag and necklace a lot. x Jacqui

  • These jeans look great! I think you might find the 80$ well spent 🙂

    • Thank you Alex! I think I agree with you 😉
      Suzy xx

  • Nicole Mölders

    Great look! Your sandals are the perfect pairing for the look. Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party.

  • Jodie Filogomo

    Popping over from Brilliant Blog Posts!!
    I rarely spend a ton on my jeans too, but sometimes it can be worth it!! I love your look and those shoes are the best!!
    Have a great weekend, Suzy!

    • Thanks so much Jodie! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend too 🙂
      Suzy xx