Khaki cut-out dress

I’ve mentioned before how difficult it can be finding the perfect dress to suit your figure. But after wearing my cute yellow dress a couple of weeks ago, I received so many compliments that I decided that this must be the style for me. So I went right out and bought another one! Clearly it’s not exactly the same, as this khaki cut-out dress has a different shoulder detail, but it hangs the same – skimming over the bust and flares out just a little over the stomach and hips. This one is also a tad shorter (which I’m not over keen on!) but I bought it from the same shop for less than 13 euros. Bargain huh?

Khaki Cut-Out Dress

I reckon this khaki cut-out dress is a style (I guess you’d call it A-line) that suits a lot of women – with the exception of those with a much fuller bust than me as the neckline is a little high. But it’s perfect for those wanting to hide their mid section. It’s also very comfortable to wear and so easy to style. When it gets a little cooler, I reckon it’ll look fabulous with jeans too. You know how I love wearing dresses with jeans right (and again here)?

Khaki Cut-Out Dress

Finding the perfect dress to suit your figure: COMFORT

To be honest, I was just a little uncomfortable wearing this khaki cut-out dress the other night because I prefer a slightly longer length (that and the fact that my second attempt at fake tan was a disaster! Luckily, the colour didn’t ‘deepen’ until the following morning when I realised what a mess it was lol!). I’m not particularly fond of my knees and thighs (hence my obsession with jeans) so I prefer to have them covered. I also prefer nothing too tight over the stomach area so, in essence, this style is great for that.

Finding the perfect dress to suit your figure: CONFIDENCE

I am very fortunate to have a figure that suits a lot of styles though. But it’s not just about finding the perfect dress to suit your figure. It’s also about finding the perfect dress that makes you feel comfortable, and confident. If everyone tells you a particular dress looks amazing on you, but you’re too self-conscious about having your legs / cleavage / arms on show, you’re not going to feel too great about it are you? So yes, listen to what people have to say (provided you trust their opinion of course!), but listen to yourself as well and see if you can find a style that makes you feel amazing on the inside and the outside.

Khaki cut-out dress

Outfit details

I bought the A-line khaki cut-out dress from Pull & Bear, the same place where I bought the mustard yellow dress several weeks ago (which sadly, seems no longer available). My gorgeous tan wedge sandals and my favourite gold leather clutch are both from my favourite place. Can you guess? lol Yep you’ve got it – Massimo Dutti.

Floral ear-ringsThe ear-rings I’ve had for years and I can’t even remember where I bought them from. But I loved the fact that they remind me of little surfboards, little floral surfboards lol. And my amber ring was another gift from my mother-in-law. Cute isn’t it? When she first gave it to me, I liked to think there was a little prehistoric mosquito hidden inside but it’s just air, I think! 😉

Amber ring

Do you struggle finding the perfect dress to suit your figure? Have you found the perfect style yet? I’d love to find out more! Please leave a comment and let me know.


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  • I bought a couple of A lines this summer as I’m conscious of my tummy and they do seem to work. khaki is a good colour on you. I couldn’t wear this length!

    • Thanks Christine! I thought I might wear it with leggings when it’s cooler too?
      Suzy x

  • Kim Smith

    That is a perfect style for you Suzy. Looking cool and elegant at the same time !!

  • Abby Castro

    I really, really love this dress!! I’ve been in search for the perfect olive piece and this dress is just what I need.

    Abby | Life in the Fash Lane

    • Oooh I’m glad to help then Abby lol!
      Suzy xx

  • Julie Roberts

    I love your new dress, too. Would love to see it with jeans. That seems to be a look we both love wearing.

    • Thanks Julie! It’s such a fun (and easy) look isn’t it? I do love my jeans lol 😉
      Suzy x

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    You look gorgeous in that cold shoulder gem! We were just talking how we feel that Olive is going to be the seasons color for sure! It looks so good with your skin tone and this dress fits you so well! Love it from head to toe sweet lady!

    • Oooh lovely, did I actually buy something in a colour that’s up and coming? lol!! I’m not usually on-trend 😉
      Thanks so much for always being so wonderful and kind with your comments!! You always make me smile.
      Hugs xxx

  • Love this! I do this too! If I love something I buy it in more than one color. I have moto jackets, pants and shoes.. This cold shoulder dress looks great and I love the olive color on you!. Why not!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

  • This dress looks fabulous on you Suzy.Are you exfoliating and moisturising when you tan ? I always apply a little moisturiser to my knees and ankles just before I apply the tan. This is where the tan grabs most. I hope this helps x

    • Thank you!! I hadn’t tried the moisturiser trick because it says not to put any on beforehand on the box but I think I will next time (if I’m brave enough to try again lol!).
      Thanks for the advice!!
      Suzy xx